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A bright future for the North Burnett

Nov 17, 2017 | Mayor's Blog

Mayor’s Desk –16 November 2017

Well, it’s been swift hasn’t it? This is my last Mayors desk before the election result and I suppose we can be thankful that it’s almost over. I don’t mean to sound harsh towards the whole election thing, it’s an integral part of our democratic process. However, it’s just that when the State goes into election mode, everything stops.

As Local Government, we are dependent on the State as their decisions affect our ability to progress projects throughout the region. I, along with my fellow Councillors look forward to receiving the advice of our newly Elected Member, then we can all get right back on with the job.

As for doing the job, next year is already jam packed and that’s a great thing. We are starting to see some movement in industry across the region and some of our long term plans are reaching fruition. We, as a council, have set a goal that by 2030 we will be the region of choice for people to live, work and play. As well as being renowned for our proactive approach to growth and innovation.

This may sound like a grand plan but let’s talk facts; the North Burnett is situated within a 250km radius from three sea ports and three international air ports making it perfectly positioned for future export growth opportunities. Food production is expected to increase by 70% by 2050, therefore the agricultural and food production industries are set to have a promising future.

To encourage this growth we need three things:

1. The agricultural industry needs to be supported as the professional, worthwhile industry it is.
2. Secure, sustainable water is needed to ensure the future of our economy.
3. A strong infrastructure network is essential to ensure marketability of produce is sustained.

Of course agriculture isn’t our sole focus but it is our priority, as it is our regions fundamental industry. It doesn’t matter who takes government, Councils voice will be strong, consistent and determined to get the outcomes the region deserves. We all need to work hard, but the future is bright.

Talk soon,