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Punch needle rug making workshop

Discover the art of Punch Needle Rug Making at The Hub this July! This innovative
workshop introduces participants to a technique that combines traditional craftsmanship
with modern simplicity. Using just a hand-held tool, a stretched backing cloth, and
vibrant hand-dyed wool, attendees can create stunning rugs and mats without the need
for elaborate equipment.
Hosted by Bec Andersen, this workshop promises an engaging experience suitable for
beginners and enthusiasts alike.
Rug making for the modern maker emphasizes ease, speed, and the addictive nature
of the craft. Participants will learn to create a 35cm chair pad using the provided 400g
wool and backing fabric. For those eager to expand their project, an upgrade to a larger
mat size kit is available for an additional $135.
This technique mimics my own process of hand tufting but without all the
infrastructure, highlighting the accessibility and creativity inherent in
Punch Needle Rug Making.
Details at a Glance:
• Cost: $140/$150 (depending on options chosen), includes
materials for a 35cm chair pad.
• Upgrade Option: $135 for a larger mat size kit.
• Tool Purchase: $45 (available on the day).
• Frames: Available for purchase onsite or as a DIY option.
Whether you are a seasoned crafter or exploring a new hobby, this workshop promises a
rewarding experience in a relaxed, creative environment. Don’t miss out on this
opportunity to learn from a skilled instructor and unleash your creativity!