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Have your say – Council’s Corporate Plan

Given my love of quotes, the theme of todays Mayors desk is based around Benjamin Franklin wise words “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Every 5 years council must, by law, release a corporate plan. This plan is to explain the vision of the local government area and set clear direction to the organisation by spelling out its focus areas. Underneath this plan sits the operational plan of which the budget is then attached to. Each quarter throughout the year the report on the council’s progress towards these goals is given to councillors.

The intent of this document is to focus the organisation. The major change from previous plans is the way we have looked at council operations. Everyone knows WHAT council does. We do rates, roads, rubbish, water and other community services but it is my firm belief that we all must understand WHY we do it in order to be a progressive region into the future.

We do the work on the roads because roads carry our produce and people, and increase our economy; we advocate for telecommunications because without them the region has a diminished capability to progress along with the rest of the world not to mention our safety is compromised; we provide parks and gardens to increase liveability in the region to encourage people to stay or move to our region.

Elected council is driven by a belief that at the end of the five year period we will achieve a productive region, a happy, healthy and safe region, a united region, a vibrant and naturally beautiful region and an efficient and effective council.

We all have a job to do with the corporate plan, yourself included. All councillors and employees are given the responsibility of achieving this corporate plan as part of the Local Government Act and community is tasked with reviewing the draft plan and giving us feedback.

So what you think should be priority areas? Are we on the right track? In the next year what would you like to see achieved in your town/region? We not only want to hear your thoughts, we need to in order to work out if we have your support to go ahead.