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If it’s flooded, forget it – Prepare for your decision to affect others

Nov 20, 2018 | Front Page Feature, News

Whether or not to drive through flooded roads is a decision many face living in wet and stormy Queensland.

It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive, how experienced you are, or how badly you need to get across that road – if it’s flooded, forget it.

Too many lives have been lost by people attempting to drive through flooded roads. Even more lives are put at risk when Queensland Fire and Emergency Services’ swiftwater crews have to enter dangerous and unpredictable floodwaters to rescue someone who has made a poor decision.

The best way to avoid driving through floodwater is to prepare to stay safe. Have an alternative plan in place so you don’t have to get on the roads during severe wet weather.

There’s many ways you can prepare:

  • Prepare to be out of your depth. Know that no matter how many times you’ve driven that road before, floodwater is unpredictable and deceiving. The road surface beneath the murky waters may even be washed away.
  • Prepare for family to be out of reach. Have someone else who can pick them up if your route is too dangerous.
  • Prepare for a short distance to be a high risk. Be prepared to wait it out at a safe location until the weather improves.
  • Make a plan B. Find an alternative route to your destination, even if it will take a bit longer. Think ahead about what you can do to stay safe before the weather changes.

Above all, before you get in the driver’s seat, prepare for your decision to affect others. Not only are you risking your own safety by driving through flooded roads, you’re making a decision that affects many others. Think about who would be left behind if your decision ended in tragedy.

Prepare to stay safe and make a plan at

For further information see the Queensland Government Flood Water Safety website.

Information courtesy of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

and the Queensland Government website.