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Myth Busted!


The new bus stops around the district are a waste of precious rate payer money.


These bus stops were actually 100% funded by State Government.

They said “can we pay for some flash new bus stops in the North Burnett?” and we said “You sure can!”. The funding for this was specifically for the bus stops and was not negotiable to be spent on anything else. So next time you sit at the bus stop waiting for your bus, you can say “Thanks State Government – for the Shelter, for the concrete, for the seat and even for that fancy little bus timetable display”. It should also be noted that the shelters are designed specifically to enable ease of access for those with mobility limitations as well.

And before you even say it, yes we see the irony too. We are very aware that we have a huge public transport deficiency in the region and these new bus stops look strange considering we have a shortage of buses. Improving our public transport options is of great importance to council and we are on the case to get new routes and more frequent routes into the future.

Don’t take the bus? It’s not too late to start. Jump onto the Bus Service page on our website to see the timetable and prices to get a bus around the region and beyond.

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