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Noise Pollution

Jul 20, 2018 | Front Page Feature, News

Noise is unwanted sound. Everyone reacts differently to noise. Noise can disturb neighbours, disrupt their sleep and interfere with their normal daily activities. What can be unbearable for one person may pass almost unnoticed by another. How annoyed we become depends on the loudness, time, place and frequency of the noise. Noise can even impact on people’s health, especially the very young and the elderly.

Should you have a problem with noise, always attempt to discuss the issue directly with the person responsible for the nuisance in order to try and achieve a solution. Give them an appropriate time frame to do something about it. If the situation hasn’t changed after that time, it may then be necessary to contact the appropriate authority.

Council only has jurisdiction to act on certain noise pollution issues, and shares the responsibility of noise control with other government bodies.

For further information refer to North Burnett Regional Council’s website, call Council’s Environmental Health team on 1300 696 272 (1300 MY NBRC) or email Council.