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North Burnett now eligible for Category ‘C’ assistance

Nov 13, 2017 | Front Page Feature, News

North Burnett Regional Council has received advice that the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services has recently activated the extension of the jointly funded Commonwealth / State Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) to the North Burnett region following the severe weather event 16-19 October 2017.  The Prime Minister has approved Category C Special Disaster Assistance under the Commonwealth/ State Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) for parts of the North Burnett Regional Council area.

Mayor Chambers advised, “This assistance, although not all encompassing, will help to ensure that primary producers affected by this severe weather event can recover and return to normal as soon as possible.”

NDRRA ‘Category C’ relief measures activated include:

  • Counter Disaster Operations
  • Essential Working Capital Loans Scheme for Primary Producers
  • Freight subsidies to Primary Producers
  • Natural Disaster Assistance Loans for Primary Producers
  • Restoration of Essential Public Assets
  • Special Disaster Assistance – Recovery Grants for Primary Producers*

To apply for assistance eligible primary producers can contact QRAA on 1800 623 946 or online at the QRAA website.  Information regarding disaster assistance can be found on the Queensland Government’s Disaster Management website.

“Council has made and will continue to make representations to all levels of Government for appropriate assistance for our community,” Mayor Chambers said.

*Special Disaster Assistance – Recovery Grants for Primary Producers activation for North Burnett Regional Council limited to the northern portion that is east of the Cania Gorge National Park including the Cania locality and east of the Coominglah Forest. The boundary follows the eastern boundary of the Glenleigh and Abercorn localities until the Abercorn locality boundary meets the Burnett Highway. This is just southeast of where Three Moon Creek meets the Burnett River. Included is the area east of the Burnett Highway from this point until the intersection of the Burnett Highway and Kerwee Road at Ceratodus and follows Kerwee Road through Nour Nour National Park until it meets Monto Mount Perry Road. The area included is that west of Monto Mount Perry Road until it meets the boundary of the Yarrol locality, south of Bania Forest Reserve. The eastern boundary is that of the Yarrol locality until it meets the North Burnett local government boundary.  This area includes the Bancroft, Bukali, Kalpowar, Monal, Moonford, Cania, Yarrol, Abercorn, Langley, Kapaldo, Tellebang, Glenleigh, Selene, Mulgildie, Splinter Creek, Ventnor, Three Moon, Cannindah, Monto and Mungungo localities within the North Burnett local government area. It includes partial areas of the Mungy, Cynthia, Ceratodus and Eidsvold East localities as described above.