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Will we leave our Council and community in better shape than when we started?

Jun 29, 2018 | Mayor's Blog

Question 10 in the “10 Hardest Questions to answer in Local Government”.


Will we leave our council and community in better shape than when we started?


The answer to this one is absolutely, otherwise why on earth are we doing it? Just over two years ago, I was a passionate community member (just like many of you) with a genuine belief I could make a difference and add value to the lifestyle and standard of living of future generations. It was with this belief that I made the decision to put my hand up to be elected. I have no doubt all Councillors of North Burnett did the same, as did the Councillors before us. Councillors live and breathe this job. We work long hours, seven days a week, all because we genuinely care and believe our people and our region deserve a bright future. It is the responsibility of the Council to plan for the future interests of our community. We achieve this a number of ways:

• By engaging with our community to understand their needs;

• by advocating to the State and Federal Governments for funding to provide services and build much needed infrastructure;

• by utilising our limited revenue sources to provide the services and facilities required by our community;

• by developing strategic plans that will guide future Council decisions that will ensure the protection and enhancement of the lifestyle of future communities;

• by managing Council’s finances to achieve long term financial sustainability; • by continuing to build net equity thereby increasing the value of community assets.

Council continuously deliberates over the best ways to allocate our financial, human and physical resources to achieving positive outcomes throughout the region. We always strive for outcomes which enhance the lifestyle and standard of living of our community.

It is an increasing frustration that Council cannot source sufficient funds to meet all community needs and desires. For example, recent sophisticated analysis of the condition of our road network has shown that even though Council is spending more than any previous Council on its road network we are still falling well short of the required funding levels to achieve the desired standard.

This kind of frustration aside, I hold my head high knowing that this Council is doing the best it can with the resources it has available to provide a better future for our community and is passionate and proactive in doing so.