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Asbestos information for householders

Nov 27, 2017 | Front Page Feature, News

The importance of safely managing asbestos in and around the home

Most people can’t tell whether building materials contain asbestos just by looking at them.

Take the required safety precautions and follow regulations:

  • Don’t cut it! Don’t drill it! Don’t drop it! Don’t sand it! Don’t saw it! Don’t scrape it! Don’t scrub it! Don’t dismantle it! Don’t tip it! Don’t waterblast it! Don’t demolish it! And whatever you do… Don’t dump it!
  • If you do need to work with any material that may contain asbestos, always work so there is minimal dust or small particles released from the asbestos materials. Download Fact Sheet 1 or 2 from the Asbestos Awareness website, for instructions on how to do this.
  • Only scientific testing of a sample of material by an accredited National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) asbestos testing laboratory can confirm the presence of asbestos.
  • Asbestos materials that are in good condition are unlikely to release asbestos fibres if left undisturbed.
  • If asbestos materials are in good condition, paint them and leave them alone.
  • Asbestos containing material can be disposed at Council’s Mundubbera Waste Management Facilities – 24 hours notice is required – please contact Council’s Environmental Health staff on 1300 696 272 for further information.

For detailed information download the handbook Asbestos – A guide for householders and the general public. For important information about working with asbestos read Safe Work Procedures.

For further information on asbestos see the asbestos awareness website, Council’s website, phone Council’s Environmental Health staff on 1300 696 272 or email.