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Lost and Found Animals

What to do if your pet goes missing

  1. Carefully search your home and make sure that your pet isn’t hiding. Be sure to check any unusual places it has access to. Ask family and friends to help you search.
  2. Tell the neighbours that your pet is missing. They could help you look for it or just keep an eye out. Make sure you take a recent photo to show them.
  3. Walk around the neighbourhood and call your pet’s name. If your dog is lost, concentrate on the areas where you usually take it on walks and any other places you have recently visited.
  4. Create a ‘Lost Pet’ flyer and distribute it to houses and shops in your neighbourhood. The flyer should include a photo, your pet’s name and what it answers to, a detailed description, when and where your pet went missing, your name and contact number, and mention a reward (if applicable).
  5. If your pet is microchipped and the details are not current, contact the microchip agency and update your details immediately.

Who to contact

  1. Your local council – Your pet could be at the council pound, or a member of the community could have seen it in the neighbourhood and notified the council. The North Burnett Regional Council Contact Centre number is 1300 MY NBRC (1300 696 272)
  2. Local vets – Many vets have ‘Lost and Found’ display boards.

Lost Pet Report

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    Your Pet's Details

    Has your pet been impounded?

    If your animal is lost, it may have been impounded by the Council. Animals which have been impounded will appear on this list after processing. Processing times may vary, so you may wish to check back several times.

    Animals that are impounded will be kept for a minimum of 3 working days.

    Payment of the release (and registration) fees is to be received in full prior to the release of the animal. Please note if you have not released your animal within 3 days for impounded animals from the date of impounding, you will be charged a daily sustenance fee.

    What to do if you’ve found a lost dog

    If you have found a lost animal please contact Council on 1300 696 272 so arrangements can be made for collection.

    Information Privacy  – Collection Notice – North Burnett Regional Council is collecting your personal information to enable communications with you and to determine an outcome for your ‘Lost Pet Report’. The information you provide will only be accessed by Council for these purposes. Your personal information will not be given to any other person or agency unless you have given us permission or where we are required to do so by law.