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Right to information & Privacy

We are committed to open and transparent access to information about our activities, services and business operations.

Right to Information Act and Information Privacy

The Right to Information Act 2009 is the Queensland Government’s approach to ensure that the community is provided with greater access to information held by government agencies – unless on balance it is contrary to the public interest to provide that information. The Right to Information Act 2009 replaces the Freedom of Information Act 1992.

The Information Privacy Act 2009 is a formal means of requesting access to and amendment of your personal information, if you believe it to be incorrect, misleading or out of date.

Formal access applications under Right to Information Act or Information Privacy Act should only be made as a last resort, where information is not otherwise accessible.

The Right to Information Act and the Information Privacy Act aims to:

  • make more information available
  • provide equal access to information across all sectors of the community
  • provide appropriate protection for individuals’ privacy

Please find Council’s Unreasonable Customer Conduct Administrative Directive here.

How do I Access Information?

Council is committed to providing the community with open and transparent access to information about Council services, activities and business operations.

Council provides information to the public in a number of ways, subject to legal and policy requirements. You can check to see if the information you seek is already available for inspection or purchase by:-

  • Visiting North Burnett Regional Council website and searching for the publication that you are looking for. Where possible these documents are available for download.
  • Contacting us – we’ll help determine if Council holds and can release the information. We may require you to make an RTI request to access it.

How to make a Right to Information Application

RTI Applications are intended to be a last resort. If you are unable to obtain the information via other means, you may wish to make a formal

application as follows:-

  • Submit an application form
  • Payment of $55.75 (effective as at 1 July 2023) application fee which must be paid at the time of application, if you are applying for one or more documents that do not contain your personal information
  • If you are seeking access on a person’s behalf written authorisation from the person concerned is required. Note: Legal representatives should refer to Office of the Information Commissioner’s website – Evidence of authority and identity information.
  • Processing and access charges may also apply
  • All RTI applications should provide sufficient information to allow the identification of the documents you are seeking

Processing charges of $8.65 for every 15 minutes (effective as at 1 July 2023) may also be payable. The Department of Justice and Attorney-General fees and charges increase on 1 July each year. On 1 July 2023 fees and charges were increased by 2.5% in line with Government’s indexation policy. Processing charges will only be applied if the total time taken to process the application is more than five hours. However, before any further amount is payable you will be given an estimate and can decide if you wish to continue with your application or amend the scope of the documents requested.
Access charges are applicable when requesting a copy of the document, calculated at 25 cents per A4 black and white copy. Please refer to the RTI website for further information.

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