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We are committed to open and transparent access to information about our activities, services and business operations.


Council’s disclosure log provides details of non-personal information released under the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act). Information of a sensitive nature, for example personal details and/or information considered commercial in confidence, is removed from the documents prior to their release.

The Disclosure Log contains a summary of the information requested but does not include identifying details of the applicants. Documents released to applicants under the Act will be progressively published via Council’s disclosure log.

Should you have any questions or wish to obtain a copy of the released documents, please contact Council.

Please provide the following information when contacting Council:

  • Your request for the relevant disclosure log documents
  • The application number as a reference
  • Your email or postal address

Please see Council’s current Disclosure Log below.

Compliant Application Date Reference Number Information Requested
17 October 2023 1172712

All details relating to the laundry at mount perry. Specifically, I would like to request the following:

  • Foundational Documents: Any and all foundational or charter documents for the establishment, including but not limited to certificates of incorporation, business licenses, and initial planning permissions.
  • Operational Records: Daily, monthly, and annual operational logs, maintenance logs, and employee rosters.
  • Financial Records: Financial statements, annual reports, invoices, receipts, tax filings, and any grants or subsidies received.
  • Environmental Assessments: Any environmental impact studies or assessments related to the establishment and operation of the laundry.
  • Compliance and Inspection Reports: Health and safety inspection reports, environmental compliance documentation, and any other regulatory or statutory inspection results.
  • Correspondence: Any electronic or written correspondence between the laundry management and local, state, or federal officials.
  • Complaints and Reviews: Records of complaints, grievances, or feedback received from customers or members of the public, and any associated resolutions.
  • Contracts and Agreements: Any contracts or agreements between the laundry and third-party vendors, suppliers, or partners.
  • Technical Documentation: Manuals, standard operating procedures, and any other technical documentation related to the machinery and technology used.
  • Digital Data: Any electronic records, emails, databases, digital photos or videos, or website-related content associated with the laundry.
  • Publicity and Marketing: Any promotional materials, advertisements, or marketing campaigns related to the laundry.
1 June 2023 1153487 All documents and building archived records including site plans, building approvals information and environmental reports relating to Lot 7 on RP209974, Mick Lutvey Street, Gayndah, QLD, 4625. This site is listed on the EMR for notifiable activity or hazardous contaminant – service station – operating a commercial service station.
13 February 2023 1137349 All emails which include my name, sent from North Burnett Regional Council. This information may include complaints from 3 residents who were residing in Byrnestown, from 2008 until the current date, containing information about me and my residence at Byrnestown, 4625.
20 January 2023 1134220 MS calendar, work log or timesheet of Executive Assistant on 12/01/23. In addition teams messages and emails from Executive Assistant that make reference to me. Six Months is fine for a timeframe. Also the call recordings when I called on the 12/01/23 at 8:45am.
21 December 2022 1131029 The Position Description of the CEO and the executed employment contract. As well as any documents referenced in the contract code of conduct etc.
11 August 2022 1111174 Copies of correspondence regarding offers to take over the gallery or studio.
5 May 2021 1042461 Information with applicant’s name in it.
10 December 2020 1022960 Enquiries regarding the location or possible removal of ashes from Gayndah Cemetery.
8 December 2020 1022343 Excess water bills and a copy of lease agreement.
1 July 2020 996897 Building approvals and construction information of the tent structures at Mingo Crossing.
20 April 2020 984148 Tender evaluation of Percy Hindmarsh Bridge Replacement – Contract No 2905_218-19_TTB_26 and final progress claim showing variations.
7 April 2020 983552 Building approvals and construction information of the tent structures at Mingo Crossing.
17 December 2019 965408 Tender information for Narayan and previous dealings between Council and the successful tenderer.
12 February 2019 917004 Affidavits relating to Planning & Environment Court No 1789 of 2011.
6 October 2017 840491 Tender assessment for 2905_2017-18_TTB_10 Deep Creek Bridge Replacement.
19 September 2017 838162 Complaint regarding stock grazing on property and refusal to provide adequate enclosure
25 August 2017 833244 Council’s development register for 2013 – 2017 and budget figures and breakdown for building, planning and plumbing.
31 July 2017 830771 Stock route permits, usage and closure information for Redbank Lone Pine Road.
24 April 2017 813314 Documentation of interaction between Council and QLD Building and Construction Commission over building approval for Lot 23 SP231715.
6 April 2017 811343 Application documents for the Gayndah Railway Station specifically: planning approvals, development applications and approval of the caravan park.
15 March 2017 808426 CCTV footage – Anzac Parade 2:55pm to 4:00pm.