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Temporary Entertainment Events

Temporary Entertainment Events

A Temporary Entertainment Permit is required under Schedule 2, Part 1 of Local Law No. 1 (Administration) 2011 and Schedule 17 of Subordinate Local Law No. 1 (Administration) 2011 to hold a Temporary Entertainment Event (e.g., events open to the public, music festivals, concerts, amplified music concerts, shows, promotional events etc).
Temporary Entertainment Events follow a thorough assessment process during the application phase, to ensure the safety of persons and surrounding environments.


Please note:

  • A Temporary Entertainment Event application will need to be completed and submitted to Council at least twelve (12) weeks prior to the event date.
  • You will need to provide evidence that any other required applications have been lodged and/or approved and the landowner gives consent to the application.
  • Ensure that your application includes plans (e.g., site plan, noise management plan, traffic management plan, etc) and a copy of your Public Liability Insurance policy.
Please click here for a copy of the Temporary Entertainment Event application form.
 You can submit your application, including supporting documentation, via the following methods:
Post: PO Box 390, 34-36 Capper Street, Gayndah QLD 4625
 In Person: at any of the North Burnett Regional Council’s Customer Service Offices
For more information, please visit North Burnett Regional Council – Local Laws or contact Council’s Compliance Team on 1300 696 272. Additionally, you can visit these links for more information about holding a event in Queensland: Events in Queensland – Best practice guidelines for event delivery in Queensland ( and Running music festivals and concerts | Your rights, crime and the law | Queensland Government (