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RATES & Property

Rates Information

Council levies rates and charges to contribute towards the provision of all local government services, including but not limited to:

  • roads
  • water services
  • parks and gardens
  • environmental health
  • planning and building services
  • asset management
  • community events
  • economic and cultural development
  • library services
  • information management as well as corporate and financial services.


Council charges a General Rate based on the valuation of each rateable assessment. To determine the charge, each assessment is categorised according to one or more of the following criteria:

  • the valuation
  • the prescribed land use code (LUC)
  • assessment land area
  • animal numbers
  • tonnes of material extracted
  • number of people employed

Council has developed its differential rates categories for the 2023/2024 financial year in an effort to better recognise the different levels of facilities and services required by different classes of land.

Need more info?  Download Council’s Your Rates Explained document.

Paying Your Rates

Council offers a variety of payment methods to ratepayers, including:

Direct Debit
You can choose the payment amount and how often you pay. You can cancel any time (14 days notice is required). Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly or on the due date from your nominated bank account. To apply for direct debit, simply complete a Direct Debit Request.

Council’s Biller code is 909838. Please ensure you use your current customer reference number when paying.

Give us a call on 1300 696 272 to make a secure purchase over the phone with your Visa or Mastercard.

In person
Council’s Administration Centres are available in each district for you to make payment by cash, cheque, EFTPOS, Mastercard or Visa card.

Council accepts payment by cheque, Mastercard and Visa card by post. If you’re paying by card, please detach and complete the reverse side of the remittance advice slip and return it to Council.

Please make cheques payable to “North Burnett Regional Council”. All mail payments must be received by the due date.

Other payment options may be available to suit your needs. Please contact Council’s rates staff on 1300 696 272 for further information.

Receive Your Rates and Water Notices Electronically

Did you know you can now have your rates notice delivered straight to your inbox. Make sure to have a Rate Notice handy for your initial set-up.

Register or log on to Your Rates Online


The discount on rates and charges will not be allowed if payment is received after the due date shown on the rate notice, regardless of postage and transfer times.

Please ensure electronic transfers are received into Council’s account before the close of discount date. For BPAY transfers allow up to three days for transfer into Council’s account. Please contact your financial institution directly regarding internet banking and transfer cut-off times.

Cheques must be received and receipted at one of the offices by the due date shown on the rates notice.

Discount does not apply to water consumption charges

What happens if my payment is late?
If your payment is not paid in full by the due date you will be charged interest on the amount owing. Council will charge interest at a rate of 11% per annum, compounded daily. To avoid paying interest, ensure your payment reaches Council by the due date shown on your notice.
I’m having difficulty making my payment!

Council is sympathetic towards ratepayers who have genuine difficulties in meeting their payment deadlines. Should you be in such a position please visit Council in person or contact Council’s Rates Officer on 1300 696 272 to discuss your situation and to make a special repayment arrangement.

Pensioner Concessions

The State Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme (PRSS) provides a subsidy of a predetermined percentage on some Council rates and charges to pensioners who are in receipt of a pension from the Commonwealth Government, and who comply with the guidelines established by the Queensland Department of Families, Youth and Community Care. The State Government subsidy is currently set at twenty percent (20%) of the applicable rates and charges up to a maximum of $200 per annum.

Further information on eligibility is available on the Department of Communities Website.

If you wish to claim this concession, you can download and sign the application form here and mail or email to Council, with a copy of your pensioner card. Alternatively, you can present in person at your nearest Customer Service and Library Centre with your pensioner card, to lodge an application. If you are unable to download the form, one of our friendly customer service officers can print the form out for you.

Change of Address

If you have changed your mailing address, please notify Council in writing using the Change of Address Form, so that your details can be updated. Residents who have changed their mailing address and have failed to notify Council run the risk of NOT receiving their rates notice and possibly missing out on any discount offered.

All changes must be received in writing. Address changes cannot be accepted over the telephone.

Category into which land is included

Pursuant to the Local Government Regulation 2012, section 88, you are hereby notified of the following:

  1. The differential category in which the land “your land” has been categorised is identified on the rate notice as it has been determined by the council.
  2. You may object to the categorisation of your land by giving the council a notice of objection, in the form approved by the council, within thirty (30) days after the date of issue of the rate notice or such further period as the council allows. Click here to access this form.
  3. The sole grounds on which you may object is that, having regard to the criteria decided by the council for categorising rateable land, your land should have been included, as at the date of issue of the rate notice, in another of the categories specified in the revenue statement.
  4. That giving a notice of objection will not, in the meantime, affect the levy and recovery of the rates specified in the rate notice.
  5. That if, because of an objection made, your land is included in another category, an adjustment of rates will be made.
Rate search Application Form

Council keeps a record of every parcel of rateable land within its boundaries. Written search reports are created by generating and extracting specific data relevant to a particular property from our property systems and are accurate at the time of data extraction.

View the Application for Rates Search here.