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Demolition of the damaged bridge decking was completed in late February, with selected recoverable bridge timbers being retained by Council for future use.

A local contractor has commenced the bridge approach rehabilitation. This work will include removing flood debris, the installation of abutment protection (Rip Rap), and the reinstatement of bridge approach pavements.

These works will allow the bridge contractor to access the bridge and undertake substructure rehabilitation and fixing installation to support the new deck. It is anticipated that the subsequent works will commence shortly after the completion of the approach rehabilitation.

Other works are continuing off-site, with the fabrication of the new bridge deck units now complete. Council has received notification that the first shipment of bridge deck units is on route, with these estimated to arrive in June 2024. The second shipment has also been packed and is on route to the port for shipping.

Council appreciates the inconvenience the closure presents and is working closely with the project team to deliver the refurbished bridge.

This project is partly funded through the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.

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