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Council maintains a network of 829 kilometres of sealed and 3318 kilometres of unsealed roads within the region. In addition to this, we maintain Queensland Government roads, consisting of another 671 kilometres of sealed and 56 kilometres of unsealed roads, under a contract with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The major operations in maintaining these roads include bitumen patching, pavement repair, gravel re-sheeting, grading and slashing. Council is also responsible for roadside facilities including street lighting, signs and line marking, footpaths, kerbing and storm water drains.

Construction work is undertaken on a priority basis, with the Council adopting a forward program of works. Construction projects are prioritised based on criteria such as traffic volume, network linkages, safety, asset condition, school bus routes, freight routes for primary production, tourist routes, amenity, public image and expectations. The program can be affected by outside influences such as disasters/emergencies, individual road failures, significant external contributions, increased industry or development activity in a particular area.

Roadwork Update

  • Maintenance Grading Zone 1 – Old Rawbelle Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 2 – Glencoe Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 3 – Plateau Road, moving to Selene Hall Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 4 – Greenbank Road, moving to Bania Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 5 – St John’s Goldfield Road, moving onto Waterloo Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 6 – Ideraway Town Streets
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 7 – Lillyvale Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 8 – Pearlinga Road
  • Construction Crew North – Powers Road – Medium Formation Grade
  • Resource Crews South – Halfpenny Lane – Clearing and Re-sheeting and Gayndah – Mt Perry Road – Emergent Works

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these works, please contact Council on 1300 696 272. You can view the Forward Program of Works here

Parks and Open Spaces Update

  • Pioneer Place, Gayndah: Rocks are to be placed at the top of the lookout area to make the roundabout safe for vehicles.
  • Jaycee Park, Gayndah: A contractor has been engaged to replace the guttering on one of the shelters. Council is currently waiting for a quote for the table, chair and concrete slab to be removed and be replaced with new ones. A contractor is putting together a quote for a new top for the BBQ.
  • Lions Park, Gayndah: The BBQ has been kicked and dislodged from its footing. It is still in working order, however Council is looking into repairs. Tables and shelters have been repainted.
  • McConnel’s Lookout, Gayndah: A contractor is replacing the post supporting the awning at the toilet block. The rubbish bin has been removed and a new lockable stand and 240 L bin will be installed. The concrete block has been removed from the entrance and a new removable bollard will be installed to stop people from driving out to the end to the shelters.
  • Town Bins: All loose 240 L bins are now locked to stand posts at Zonhoven and Riverwalk, Gayndah, and in the main street of Eidsvold.


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