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We are often keen to get away, only to fly or drive HUGE distances to see beauty elsewhere, without ever appreciating the world directly around us. With the rise in cost-of-living, it’s the perfect time to take a holiday, in your own back yard.

Although you mightn’t get to listen to all your audiobook and only a few short games of ‘I spy’ with the kids, a refresh and recharge a short drive from home, is the holiday we all need. Bonus points for no jet lag or losing valuable leave time travelling.

With the school holidays fast approaching, now is your time to pick out your holiday in the North Burnett. We recommend sitting down with our North Burnett Visitor’s Guide over a cuppa or take our top 5 picks for local holiday inspo.

  1. Walk the walk.

With 5 easily accessible National Parks in the North Burnett, there is no reason not to lace up your walking shoes and get back to nature. Mountains, wildlife, sandstone gorges, oh my!
There are plenty of kid friendly (read: short and sweet) or fitness-junkie certified walks available. Woowoonga, Coalstoun Lakes and Mount Walsh in the south, Auburn River in the west and Cania Gorge in the north, set your compass and pick your National Park quest. Check out Queensland Parks for any park updates or alerts before your adventure and be sure that the only traces of your visit are a collection of photos and memories you take with you.

  1. Take in the view.

With rolling landscapes, hills and lookouts go hand in hand. We love that feeling of standing at a lookout, it truly makes you stop and appreciate the size and diversity of our beautiful countryside. Take in the winding river, citrus farms and town views from Mount Debatable near Gayndah or appreciate the scale and power of water of Cania Dam from its lookout. You’ll be greeted by a chair or a spot to stop and enjoy the view at most lookouts, so we can highly recommend picking up a tasty treat from a local bakery, or something fresh and juicy from a roadside fruit stall.

  1. Follow the Art Traill

This is a must-do in the North Burnett! Skip the French lessons and forget the Louvre, throughout our sweet country towns there are rustic sculptures, larger than life big fruits, colourful water towers, vibrant street murals, and enormous silo artworks. If you prefer to admire your art indoors, there are galleries and collections in our towns of fine art too.

  1. Wet a line.

The Burnett River flows through the aptly named North Burnett. It provides life and nurture to our various food producing farms and a place of relaxation and recreation for our locals and visitors alike.

Did you know the Burnett River is home to the Ceratodus (aka Queensland Lungfish) and is one of only two rivers in the world that they call home? You may be lucky enough to spot one when fishing from a boat, kayak, or riverside. Although the Ceratodus are protected and won’t feature on your plate, the schools of Yellowbelly, Bass, Perch, and Saratoga are chances for fish of the day, as well as pots of Red Claw.

  1. Wish upon a Star.

Thanks to low light pollution in our regional area, we have some of the best views of the night sky you’ll find! It is worth rugging up, sitting around the fire, and pointing out to the kids the Emu in the Sky, Seven Sisters, Southern Cross or appreciating the stunning Milky Way. These are moments to appreciate simplicity and company of those around you as you make memories you’ll remember for a lifetime. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Whether you take a long weekend to camp or glamp, or just enjoy a day trip, make your next getaway closer to home. Our local businesses employ our family members, sponsor the local sporting clubs and are more than deserving of our holiday dollars. We are blessed with a bounty of natural treasures, history, and culture in the North Burnett. These special places and our cosy towns with their beauty and charm, that we often take for granted, are exactly what ‘tourists’ pack their bags and travel for! Make your next adventure one that you skip the baggage claim and instead choose to skip across the North Burnett.