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Councillors resolved in their General Meeting 26 May 2021 to call for expressions of interest (EOI) to determine the future for the Reginald Murray Williams Australian Bush Learning Centre.

Through this process the EOI will gather interest on the potential for its lease or sale, and to conduct engagement to gather community sentiment on the future of the Centre.

“Councillors have considered that the Centre is not part of Council’s core essential business and that this service may be better delivered by another entity,” Mayor Les Hotz said.

“As part of the EOI we’d like interested parties to share their proposal information to best help us assess your plans. This might be your business case, strategies or future ideas for the Centre.

“Councillors will review submissions received and consider any proposals submitted and their implications on Council’s Corporate plan and financial sustainability.

“We are open to considering either the sale, lease or repurposing of the Centre, should the right proposal, that has community benefits, be received in this EOI process.

“There are endless business opportunities to expand and advance the cultural offering, workshops, entertainment, hospitality and events at the Centre. With tourism in the North Burnett and drive tourism across Queensland remaining strong throughout the pandemic now is the time to submit your EOI and capitalise on the potential of an existing attraction and facility.”

The EOI is being release to the public today, Monday 4 April 2022 and will remain open until Tuesday 3 May 2022.

For further enquiries on the EOI, Desiree Tomas, Customer Experience and Communities Manager, can be contacted on 1300 696 272 or email

To review the EOI documentation please see Council’s website

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