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In November 2022, Council sought community feedback on its plans to remove approximately 45m of the centre median hedge opposite the swimming pool and replace the hedge with salvia plants. The primary reason for the proposed hedge modification was to enhance safety for small cars turning out of Bamboo Street onto Capper Street. Currently, the existing hedge obstructs the view of oncoming traffic, posing a significant safety concern. Council would like to thank the 24 community members who took the time to consider and provide feedback.

There was some concern raised that Council was looking to remove the hedge that spells out GAYNDAH. Council would like to confirm that the proposed works will not impact the GAYNDAH hedge.

Some suggestions were made to prune the centre median strip hedge to improve visibility. Council has considered this, however reducing the height of the hedge would increase workplace safety risks to our staff.

There was also some concern that the plants would require additional water. The scope of the proposed works includes repairs to the irrigation system, which was required irrespective of the hedge removal. The plants have been selected by our Parks and Open Spaces team due to their hardy nature and low water demands.

Since considering community feedback, Council officers have been liaising with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to obtain the necessary permits.

The hedge removal and salvia planting are now scheduled for 17 and 18 October, between the hours of 5.30am and 3.00pm. Your patience and cooperation during this time will be greatly appreciated as we work to improve road safety in our community.

If you have any feedback relating to the proposed works, please contact Council on 1300 696 272 or email prior to 17 October 2023.