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 Council General Meeting Updates
Council held a General Meeting at Eidsvold on Monday 31 July 2023. Important agenda items included the Finance Report 30 June 2023, 2022-2023 Final Quarterly Progress Report, and Proposed Amended Local Laws. You can view the full agenda of items that was discussed, as well as minutes, on our website:

Key highlights from the Finance Report 30 June 2023 included:

  • Rates, Levies and Charges recorded in June 2023 totalling $20.261m, are lower than budget year-to-date figure of $20.401m, resulting in a $104,000 or 1 per cent variance. Discounts take-up for 2022-2023 year-to-date is 89.44% compared to the discount take-up in the 2021-2022 year of 89.03%. The lower than budgeted figure relates to a lower water consumption billing per the meter readings completed in December 2022. This lower billing compared to forecast totalling $219,882 is due to higher-than-average rainfalls received this year-to-date resulting in lower water consumption.
  • Materials and Services – The result in Materials & Services of $18.943m from a budgeted $16.677m (variance of $2,265,528, equivalent to 14%) relates primarily to additional recoverable works which were above budget. Additional materials and services relate to the grant funding program through the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program for grading and maintenance of rural roads.

The Quarterly Progress Report is prepared under the authority of the Chief Executive Officer and information is compiled by all departments of Council to provide a progress report on operations for the final quarter of 2022-2023. The report includes the ongoing activities and significant projects undertaken throughout the year, and tracks the progress to identify milestones, achievements, and any at risk items.

Quarterly Progress Reports, Finance Reports and other reports are available to read on our website at

Proposed Amended Local Laws
The following Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws which were adopted in 2011 are currently being reviewed and will be subject to State Interest Checks and available to the public for comment prior to their adoption by Council.

  • Amended Local Law & Subordinate Local Law No.1 (Administration) 2011
  • Amended Local Law & Subordinate Local Law No.2 (Animal Management) 2011
  • Amended Local Law & Subordinate Local Law No.3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2011
  • Amended Local Law & Subordinate Local Law No.4 (Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads) 2011
  • Amended Local Law & Subordinate Local Law No.5 (Parking) 2011
  • Amended Local Law & Subordinate Local Law No.6 (Waste Management) 2018

Local Government Association of Queensland Annual Conference 2023
During the General Meeting ten (10) motions were presented and adopted for submission to the Local Government Association of Queensland seeking inclusion in the schedule of motions for debate at the Annual Conference in October 2023. Topics of these motions were varied, however are important challenges facing our region. Topics included: limited capacity of revenue sourcing, water infrastructure, investment and initiatives in developing and recruiting skilled workers, red tape pressures on local gravel pits and washdown facilities, equitable provision of waste management project funding, provision of ‘same pay for same work’ Councillor remuneration costs, and housing crisis solutions.

Australian Government Association National General Assembly 2023
Deputy Mayor, Councillor Robbie Radel and Chief Executive Officer Ms Margot Stork recently travelled to Canberra to attend the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) Regional Forum on 13 June 2023 and the ALGA National General Assembly from 14 to 16 June 2023. The ALGA National General Assembly is the preeminent conference for local governments Australia wide.

Prior to attending the conference Council adopted a suite of proposed motions to submit to form part of the agenda for the conference. Of the eight (8) motions North Burnett Regional Council submitted for inclusion on the agenda all eight (8) were included, four (4) as stand-alone motions and four as “associated motions” which formed part of a group of similar motions being considered. Following debate all eight (8) of Council’s motions were adopted and now form part of the broad Australian Local Government advocacy agenda for the coming year.

Citizenship Ceremony
On Monday 31 July 2023, two (2) new citizens were welcomed to be Australian Citizens in a Citizenship Ceremony held at the Eidsvold State School. The ceremony was opened by the Eidsvold State School Principal and the Yumbin Dancers. This is a special time for the new citizens to embrace our Australian culture.

Bush Councils Convention
Councillors Michael Dingle, Susan Payne, Dael Giddins, and CEO Margot Stork attended Bush Councils Convention in Goondiwindi from Tuesday 25 to 27 July 2023. The Bush Councils Convention is an opportunity for Council representatives to network with similar counterparts from other rural, remote and regional council areas. Some topics discussed included workforce issues, biosecurity, disaster management, stock route network, water security, road networks, rural health and the housing crisis. management,

Civil Works Update
Maintenance Schedule for commencing week 31 July 2023 – weather permitting:

  • Maintenance Grading Zone 1 – Bukali Scrub Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 2 – Glencoe-Dareen Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 3 – Glenleigh Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 4 – Sandy Camp Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 5 – Redbank Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 7 – Cedar Creek Road to Lands Ends Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 8 – Hawkwood Road to Nerangy Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 9 – Old Range Road to Lords Road
  • Construction Crew North – RMPC Drainage on Kalpowar Road
  • Construction Crew South – RMPC Burnett Highway 41C Ban Ban Springs to Gayndah
  • Kalpowar Road – NBRC Construction team are working on a RMPC drainage project.

Updates are also available on our website

As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly on 0458 696 272, or or your Divisional Councillor, if you would like to address any concerns. Our contact details can be found on Council’s website: