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Swimming Season Off to a Great Start

Pool operators across the region have reported a well-supported swimming season to date.  Toni-Anne from Active Aquatics in Monto advised that they have had many children booked in for lessons and squad training so far, with enquiries increasing as the weather warms up.

Similarly, Ben and Amy Golchert who are managing both Gayndah and Mundubbera pools under their banner, HiTide Swim Schools commented that the rain and overcast days hasn’t hindered the interest and excitement in people beginning another season. Gayndah and Mundubbera pools together have over 250 children and adults enrolled in swimming lessons.  It is great to see people are keen to learn a necessary skill.

Shelley and Hayden Whittaker from Whittaker’s Swim School, operating in Biggenden and Eidsvold have said that they have hit the ground running, with swimmers enjoying an inflatable fun afternoon during the first weekend of the season.  Swimming lessons and squad are both growing, with Biggenden hosting its first club night on 11 October 2022 and Eidsvold looking at starting their squad at the end of the month.  Learning to swim and competitive swimming opportunities are a great privilege for our communities, we encourage you to visit your local swimming pool and see what they have to offer this summer.

Animal Control and Dangerous Dogs

Over the past few weeks, Council has been experiencing an increased number of call outs for dangerous dogs.  All dog owners hope their pet doesn’t show aggression towards other animals or people, but it can and does happen for many reasons. Pet owners are responsible and legally liable for the actions of their animals.  It is the responsibility of pet owners to ensure the protection of others and to ensure members of our community feel safe and can enjoy public spaces.  If you are the owner of an aggressive or dangerous dog, please seek advice as to the best way to manage and care for your animal by either contacting our animal control team or your local vet.

Bon Accord Bridge Update

Residents affected by the temporary closure of the Bon Accord Bridge will receive an update from Council this week.  Council is pleased to advise that investigations into the current bridge condition have been completed with two options to address the damage being presented to Council recently.  These options include repairing and reinstating the bridge at a cost of around $1.56m and a design life of approximately 10 years or until the next major flood event. The second option presented is upgrading the bridge by repairing the substructure and replacing the superstructure at a cost of approximately $4.15m, with an increased design life of 100 years.

Council officers have submitted a Betterment Application to the Queensland Reconstructive Authority, to assist with the costs associated with option two.  Council is currently awaiting the outcome, before completing the next phase of works.  I would like to convey that Council is aware of the inconvenience that the closure of the bridge has caused to residents and businesses and wish to confirm that Council and its officers are working diligently to reinstate the bridge as soon as possible.

Gayndah Races

The local racing season continues with Gayndah enjoying a successful race day on Saturday, 8 October 2022.  The day was well attended by locals and visitors with Fashions on the Field being a highlight this year.  Congratulations to the Gayndah Jockey Club committee and volunteers for bringing together a cherished family day out.

Mundubbera Blueberry Festival

The countdown has begun for the very first Mundubbera Blueberry Festival, that gets underway this Friday with the Gastronomical Delight by Night dinner and the Berry Big Day Out Artisan Markets, kicking off from 9am Saturday, 22 October at Bicentennial Park.  To bring the festival to a close, Saturday night is the Blueberry Jam Sesh, which starts from 5pm at Archer Park and includes a night out with great live music from a variety of artists.  For more information and to book your tickets, look for the Mundubbera Blueberry Festival on Facebook, or pop in and see Julie at Burnett Mapping in Lyons Street, Mundubbera.

Biggenden Water Treatment Plant

Our water and wastewater teams are always striving to achieve value for our ratepayers.  An example of this has been how they handled tender negotiations to design and construct the new Biggenden water treatment plant.  After failing to reach program conditions that were mutually beneficial to both Council and the tenderer, our officers decided to terminate negotiations.

The team quickly regrouped and modified their approach.  A new tender, with three separate portions covering detailed design, construction of the plant and construction of a 1.34ML raw water tank was released on 4 October 2022 and has attracted strong interest. To increase opportunities for local businesses, officers are collating information from interested local contractors and passing their details on to the larger tenderers.  It is anticipated that on completion of the tender process, the works will commence in 2023 with an aim to finalise the project in 2024.

Works and Parks and Open Spaces Update

This week, our Parks and Open Spaces teams will be commencing the construction of the concrete footpath at the Gayndah Lawn Cemetery, as well as ensuring that Mundubbera is looking well-groomed for the upcoming Blueberry Festival. In addition, all crews continue to undertake general maintenance in all communities.

This week, you can expect to see the grading continuing and commencing on the following roads:

  • Maintenance Grading Zone 1 – Pine Mountain Road and Goody’s Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 2 – continuing Chandlers Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 3 – Erics Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 4 – continuing Gorge Road, Yarrol Road and Branch Creek Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 6 – Guyatts Road, Presslands Road and Leggetts Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 7 – continuing Sandow Road, Zahls Road, Hailles Road and Darlingtons Road

Council’s Construction Crew North will be working on the Monto-Gladstone Road Medium Formation Grade and Monto-Mt Perry Stabilisation Package.  The Construction Crew South will continue on the Berries Road Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS) Re-sheet and the Resource Crews South crew will continue on the Hawkwood Road reform.

As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly on 0458 696 272 or or your divisional councillor if you would like to address any concerns. Our contact details can be found on Council’s website

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