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Councillor Workshop Discussion Regarding Local Laws
An update on the North Burnett Regional Council Local Laws review was presented to Councillors at last week’s workshop, Wednesday 15 March 2023.

The scope of the review was oriented toward improving the legibility, accuracy and operational effectiveness of the Local Laws, and the changes are intended to reinforce existing Council policy and ensure the Local Laws are effective in their implementation. The draft outcomes from the review will be submitted to Council for consideration in May/June 2023.

Biggenden Water Treatment Plant
Well into the third month of site works by the contractor, Water Treatment and Filtration, some real progress is being seen at the Biggenden Water Treatment Plant, where the old plant is being replaced and a raw water reservoir added to the site, to assist in the management of water quality.

The area of the plant compound has been extended and cleared to make space for the larger footprint of the new plant. Redundant buildings have been removed to make way for the new treatment building. A new turnaround area for chemical delivery trucks has been incorporated into the plant from the highway side, to minimise traffic through the Golf Club and increase site safety. Foundations have been prepared for the new raw water reservoir and supernatant ponds and underground pipework installation is underway.

The first of the new supernatant ponds is now constructed. Work on above ground infrastructure will become evident over the coming months, starting with the new Raw Water Reservoir, which will commence construction before the end of March 2023 and completion is projected in time for the new plant to be fully operational by the end of 2023.

Monto Historical Society 100 Year Anniversary Planning Meeting
The Monto and District Historical Society Inc. has been committed during its sixty-year existence, to help preserve the past. The Society has a significant collection of Indigenous artifacts and documents describing the first people’s life, culture and use made of the land. Much yet needs to be done to develop and appreciate an understanding of that long era of those first peoples.

The Society has a public domain collection of documents, photographs and items including quite rare machines used in the last century. The members of the Society decided at its most recent meeting on 26 February 2023, to contact members of key local groups with the objective of meeting to form a combined working group to give substance and shape to the Monto and district centenary celebrations in 2024.

Mungungo Sport Reserve
On 11 June 2021, Council commenced the process to resign as Trustee of the Mungungo Sports Reserve. Some 21 months later, on the 15 March 2023, Council was advised by the State Government, that Council was now been removed as Trustee of the Reserve and is therefore no longer responsible for the ongoing maintenance and improvements at the site.

Bon Accord Bridge
The Works team is pleased to advise that on Friday 3 March 2023, Council’s application under the joint Commonwealth and Queensland Government Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements to repair the Bon Accord Bridge and approaches, was approved.

The Civil Works Team, under the direction of Civil Works Manager, will now progress with procurement activities. Here is an overview of the works to be completed:

  • Substructure (corbels and below): Replacement of missing/damaged corbels.  Significant strengthening and bracing upgrade to the existing concrete piers to allow for the increased lateral stiffness required to meet modern traffic loading requirements and increased resilience to the forces from substantial flood events.
  • Superstructure (girders and above): Replacement of missing/damaged girders.  Significant strengthening of the superstructure using modern fibre reinforcement on undersized/aged/deteriorated girders.  This will stiffen the structure, allowing it to meet traffic loading requirements and resilience improvements.
  • Deck and surface: Replacement using modern lightweight engineered timber.  It will consist of Penta-treated (oil-based) glulam timber deck and kerb and will meet the Australian Standard AS5100 loading in all directions.
  • Approaches: Complete re-design and replacement to provide greater resilience and new abutment location/height (minor change). 

Civil Works

  • Maintenance Grading Zone 2 – Folleys Gully Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 4 – McLaughlans Road, Cannindah Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 6 – Yenda Benyenda Road, Yenda Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 7 – Old Range Road, Pile Gully Road, James Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 8 – Barrule Road, Coonambula Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 9 – Paradise Road, Jump Up Road
  • Construction Crew North – Local Roads
  • Construction Crew South – Little Woodmillar Road, Philpott Road
  • Resource Crew North – Abercorn Road Culverts
  • Resource Crew South – Jaru Road

Wetheron Creek Bridge (Wilson Valley Road):  Repairs in progress.

As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly on 0458 696 272, or or your Divisional Councillor, if you would like to address any concerns. Our contact details can be found on Council’s website:

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