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Community Engagement Policy
During the Council General Meeting on 22 March 2023, Councillors noted the public feedback which had been received regarding the recent draft Community Engagement Policy and Framework. Councillors adopted the revised policy and framework, noting that the refined documents will ultimately lead to better outcomes for the community. Some of the key changes that were made include improving the readability of the policy objectives, amending the “Informative” principle to enhance readability and noting Council Officer conduct within the policy roles and responsibilities.

Disaster Management Projects
Councillors endorsed the presented projects to be delivered under the Local Recovery and Resilience Grant. Projects include

  • recruitment of a dedicated project officer, to oversee project management of the funds and projects,
  • evacuation equipment and supplies for the Disaster Management Centre,
  • an alternative power supply and critical infrastructure,
  • an Emergency Dashboard,
  • community education roadshow,
  • community engagement projects, youth engagement projects,
  • community information noticeboards,
  • Dallarnil drainage work,
  • water level indicator upgrades and more.

Endorsed Regional Arts Development Fund Applications
Councillors endorsed the following Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) applications on the officer’s recommendation of the North Burnett Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee (NBACAC):

  • Noosa Film Academy Pty Ltd – auspiced by Monto Magic Tourism Action Group: Youth Acting and Screen Production – $5,476
  • Kaiden Ratcliffe – auspiced by Gayndah Development Association: First Nations Art Exhibition – $7,110 2

Councillors also endorsed the following RADF Outcome Reports for the successful acquittal on the officer’s recommendation of the NBACAC:

  • Gayndah Art Gallery: This is Us Exhibition – $8,441.00

Congratulations to the successful applicants of RADF Round One. We look forward to
participating in the exciting community events which these groups will deliver in the near future. 

Outstanding Rates During 2022
Following the Council Meeting of 23 February 2022 there were 34 properties provided notice of intention to sell due to unpaid rates and charges. Once that notice was provided, twenty (20) properties paid in full prior to auctions and were removed from the sale of land process. Fourteen (14) properties went to Auction 1 on 6 September 2022 and five (5) properties sold at this auction.

Nine (9) properties went to Auction 2 on 29 November 2022 and five (5) properties sold at this auction.

Since the auction (two) 2 properties have been sold by negotiations. The remaining two properties have been acquired by Council for operational purposes. This concludes the sale of land process which commenced in February 2022, for properties with eligible unpaid rates and charges. To date, Council has written off $142,144.59 due to unpaid rates.

Insurance Rate Increases
Council’s insurance costs increased from 2021/22 to 2022/23 (current year) by 8.27%. This includes a number of different aspects, such as asset coverage, public liability and worker’s compensation.  It is one example of how Council’s operational costs are increasing year on year, and ultimately cost increases put more financial pressure on the ongoing delivery of Council services.

For the next financial year 2023/24, we have preliminary advice from our insurer that insurance premiums could increase even more, due to the recent valuation increases and other factors. Although this is preliminary advice only, it is clear that Council faces multiple challenges to delivering services. As a result Council officers are actively meeting with our insurers to communicate Council’s position on the potential increase, and reviewing other potential providers’ offerings. Council officers are also reviewing our coverage levels and excess levels, as well as asset registers to ensure complete accuracy and value for money.

Monto Races
Monto Annual Races celebrated 95 years of racing on Saturday 25 March 2023, with five local races, catering and Fashions on the Field, which held two new categories, ‘Gems, Sparkle and Shine’ and ‘Monto’s Gem of a Mullet and/or Mo’, the proceeds of which were donated to RACQ LifeFlight Rescue.  The day was well attended and owed its success to the many groups of people and individuals who participated, from owners, trainers and jockeys, volunteers, barrier crew, clerks, bar helpers, fashion judges, caterers, photographers, book makers, members and families of the club and visitors from far and wide. Congratulations to all involved, on a wonderful family event.

Pipes Undergoing Pressure Testing
With water pipes undergoing pressure testing this week, the construction of Stage I of a dedicated pumping main to the Mulgildie Water Tower nears completion. The new section of main ensures a more reliable service to the tower from the treatment plant by reducing the number of points of failure between the Mulgildie Water Treatment Plant and the tower and replacing a section of brittle main with a more flexible poly main in the delivery line to the tower. It also aids in providing more time for disinfection to be completed before any treated water reaches customers closest to the treatment plant.

Civil Works

  • Maintenance Grading Zone 4 – Voss Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 6 – Yenda Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 7 – Pile Gully Road, James Road, Jankes Road, Back Derra Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 8 – Coonambula Road, Stanmoore Road, Ross Crossing Road
  • Maintenance Grading Zone 9 – Cherelly Orchard Road, Longatong Road, Paradise Road, Mount Shamrock Road
  • Construction Crew North – Local Roads
  • Construction Crew South – Philpott Road, Landy Street, Beeron Road
  • Resource Crew North – Glencoe Road, Abercorn Road Culverts
  • Resource Crew South – New Cadarga Road, Jaru Road, Bradleys Road, Bauer Street

Wetheron Creek Bridge (Wilson Valley Road): Repairs in progress.

Coppin Road, Monto: Resheeting Works

As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly on 0458 696 272, or or your Divisional Councillor, if you would like to address any concerns. Our contact details can be found on Council’s website:

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