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Council adopts the 2023-2024 Budget
On Wednesday 28 July 2023, Council adopted the 2023-2024 Budget, Operational Plan and Revenue Statement. This realistic budget is responsible, sustainable, and accountable. We understand that the current economic climate is challenging for our region’s ratepayers, businesses and for Council, too.

Council has forecasted total income of $62,752,000 in the 2023-2024 year, which includes capital grants and contributions of $17,278,000. Expenditure forecasted in this budget is $50,034,000, which will lead to a net surplus result of $12,718,000. Excluding capital grants and contributions, Council is forecasted to have a net operating deficit of $4,560,000, however in our 10-year forecast, this annual operating deficit is decreasing year on year and forecasted to return to achieving operating surplus ratio benchmarks in the long-term plan.

We are making commitments to core Council business: roads, waste, and water. We have allocated funds to some crucial projects in including upgrades and improvements on our roads and bridges, Gayndah – Mt Perry Road, Regional School Zone improvements, Disaster Preparedness and Recovery, Mundubbera Landfill expansion, North Burnett Regional Water Safety and Reliability Project, and Biggenden Sewerage Treatment Plant to name a few.

Mundubbera Vacant Land Auction
In our May General Meeting held on Wednesday 24 May 2023, Council resolved to sell 10 vacant resident land properties in Mundubbera. These blocks are an excellent opportunity to secure prime land in a great location with easy access to amenities. Council have engaged Raine and Horne Mundubbera to conduct the Auction to be held at 12 noon, Saturday 29 July 2023. Please contact the Agent directly for further information.

Request for Quote – Eidsvold Caravan Park Caretaker Contract
Council is currently seeking a Request for Quote for the Eidsvold Caravan Park Caretaker Contract. If you have experience operating a Caravan Park and a passion for providing exceptional service to our region’s visitors, have a look at the relevant documents on our website and submit your Quote. This opportunity closes 21 July 2023.

Dial Before You Dig
Council have moved from a manual to an automated process of lodging Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) enquiries. Taking previously 48 hours to generate, it now takes less than a minute. Customers only need to log on to BYDA and all relevant services, such as Telstra and Ergon, are contacted directly and a response to the enquiry goes directly to the customer within a minute. Regardless of whether there are assets or not, customers are provided with a map showing all relevant information, immediately. This is a great process that will save time, asset damage, and harm to our community.

Civil Works Update
Maintenance Schedule This week, you can expect to see the grading continuing and commencing on the following roads:
• Maintenance Grading Zone 1 – Kariboe Road, Youlambie Road • Maintenance Grading Zone 2 – Mount Margaret Road
• Maintenance Grading Zone 3 – Cynthia Range Road, Goomarram Creek Road • Maintenance Grading Zone 4 – Bania Road, Greenbank Road • Maintenance Grading Zone 5 – Inactive (due to vacancy)
• Maintenance Grading Zone 6 – Inactive (due to vacancy) • Maintenance Grading Zone 7 – Middletons Lane, Hardings Lane
• Maintenance Grading Zone 8 – Boundary Road, New Cardarga Road
• Maintenance Grading Zone 9 – Eureka Road, Gospel Hall Road, Brandts Road, Robertsons Road
• Construction Crew North – Dakiel Road HF Grade (Floodway Repair), Faraday Street, Dalgangal Road (washout)
• Construction Crew South – Biggenden Mines Road – shoulder repairs
• Bridge Repairs – Wuruma Dam Bridge (Mt Eagle Road)

As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly on 0458 696 272, or or your Divisional Councillor, if you would like to address any concerns.

Our contact details can be found on Council’s website: