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Bon Accord Bridge Update
North Burnett Regional Council is pleased to announce the successful contractor for the Bon Accord Bridge rehabilitation contract is Timber Restoration Services Pty Ltd.

This crucial project aims to revitalise the bridge’s structural integrity, enhance its load-bearing capacity, and implement state-of-the-art, low maintenance timber technologies providing a 100-year design life.

Scheduled to commence in late August 2023, the bridge rehabilitation project is programmed to be completed in mid-2024. Early works will include deconstruction of the exiting bridge deck, rehabilitation of
existing concrete foundations, and the civil works for the approaches.

To ensure a timely delivery of the project, a prefabricated, modular glue laminated timber superstructure will be constructed off site and then delivered to site for installation in mid-2024.

We extend our appreciation to our residents for their patience and understanding during the bridge rehabilitation period. Together, we look forward to witnessing the transformation of the bridge into a renewed landmark that reflects the resilience and progress of our region and reinforcing the link to the timber industry in our region.

Responsible Pet Ownership
We are all aware of the need to protect our community from the danger and fear of dog attacks. People have a right to feel safe in the community and it is the responsibility of pet owners to ensure the protection
of others and to keep public areas safe for people to enjoy.

It is a timely reminder to pet owners that it is your responsibility to make sure your pet is contained within the confines of your property in an adequate enclosure and is walked on a leash to prevent risk to the

Council’s Compliance Officers regularly patrol townships in the North Burnett region. If your dog is not under effective control, Council is permitted to impound the animal, issue the owner a Penalty Infringement
Notice and/or progress to further prosecution.

To report dog attacks or wandering dogs please call 1300 696 272 as soon as is practical, with as much information as possible – for example: description of dog, location of the attack, injuries sustained,
witnesses to the attack.

For further information on responsible pet ownership, please click here.

Public Holiday – 14 August 2023
The Show Holiday is Monday 14 August 2023 for the towns of Biggenden, Gayndah, Eidsvold, Monto and Mount Perry. Please note our offices, libraries and depots will be closed in these towns.

Mundubbera enjoyed their Show Holiday earlier in the year, on 5 May 2023. Our Mundubbera team, like the rest of the town, will be business as usual.

If you have any enquiries, our Contact Centre team will still be able to assist you by phoning 1300 696 272.

Book Week set to Read, Grow, and Inspire
The Libraries around the North Burnett will be celebrating with some extra special Storytime events August 21 – 23 for Book Week. Costume parades and colouring competitions will be themed around ‘Read, Grow
and Inspire’.

This is the perfect opportunity to inspire the young and young-at-heart with a love for reading and learning.

Go to our website for more information on your local Library’s Book Week event.

Vietnam Veterans Vigil Service – 3 August 2023
A Vietnam Veterans Vigil Service was held at the grave of Lance Corporal Phillip Raymond Goody on Thursday 3 August 2023 as part of the Australian remembers commemorations by the Federal Government
to honour the dead from the Vietnam war.

Mr Peter Buckney was Phillip Goodys Platoon Sergeant in Vietnam and Mr Buckney conducted the service at the Monto No.2 Cemetery, with approximately 60 persons attending the memorial service. I am, as with other community members and communities, very thankful for the service provided by our armed services throughout the Commonwealth that we enjoy a free country as we remember those who served in past wars.

Civil Works Update
Maintenance Schedule for commencing Monday 7 August 2023 – weather permitting:
• Maintenance Grading Zone 1 – Doyles Road
• Maintenance Grading Zone 2 – Dareen Glencoe Road
• Maintenance Grading Zone 3 – Glenleigh Road
• Maintenance Grading Zone 4 – Sunday Creek Road
• Maintenance Grading Zone 5 – Redbank Rockybar Road
• Maintenance Grading Zone 7 – Reids Creek Road
• Maintenance Grading Zone 8 – Gleichs School Bus Road
• Maintenance Grading Zone 9 – Golden Fleece Road to Fairview Creek Road
• Construction Crew North – RMPC Kalpowar Road, drainage works
• Construction Crew South – Little Woodmillar Road – Resheet to Philpott Road – Resheet

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As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly on 0458 696 272, or or your Divisional Councillor, if you would like to address any concerns. Our contact details can be found on Council’s website: