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The Electoral Commission of Queensland has declared Les Hotz the newest North Burnett Regional Council Mayor, being sworn in at a small ceremony on 3 February.
This declaration will activate a by-election for the Division 2 seat previously held by Les Hotz. The Electoral Commission of Queensland will call for nominations over the coming month.
Mayor Hotz said “my vision is to see our Council continue to operate effectively, not only for this term, but for years into the future and is founded on 4 key principles:

• That our team of Councillors, CEO and staff restore confidence in our community, so that our community knows that Council is listening to their needs and supporting their businesses and local jobs where they can.
• Quality communications between Council and community is paramount – from one-on-one conversations to town hall meetings and all collateral in between.
• That Council be honest, open, transparent and provide accurate information.
• Integrity must be solid, sound and unquestionable at all times.

“Our ancestors worked hard to provide infrastructure for our communities and residents, infrastructure such as roads, halls, swimming pools, parks, libraries, churches, schools, hospitals and aged care facilities to name a few.

“As a Council, one of our first responsibilities when looking at our budget is to ensure we maintain this infrastructure to an appropriate standard, to ensure a continued standard of living for every community in our region.

“As Mayor, I recognise that this position is one of the utmost importance to provide leadership to councillors, our Chief Executive Officer, staff and community.

“I accept the challenge, knowing that respect is earned and commit to doing this role to the best of my abilities.

“Council will never be able to afford all the wants of individuals and groups within the region, however we should be able to provide essential infrastructure and maintain it.

“My hope is that as a united Council and community we will keep Local Government local for the whole of the North Burnett Region.

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