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As members of the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) Councillors and staff participated in Disaster Management Training.  This training is essential for the organisation so that we are best placed to carry out:

  • Preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of an event occurring or, if an event occurs, to reduce the severity of the event.
  • Preparatory measures to ensure that, if an event occurs, communities, resources and services can cope with the effects of the event.
  • Appropriate measures to respond to an event, including action taken and measures planned in anticipation of, during and immediately after an event to ensure that its effects are minimised and that persons affected are given immediate relief and support.
  • Appropriate measures to recover from an event, supporting disaster-affected communities in the reconstruction of infrastructure, the restoration of emotional, social, economic and physical wellbeing and the restoration of the environment.

An important takeaway from this training was the reminder that Emergency Alert text messages will always come from the mobile number 0444 444 444, it is important that residents do not block this number.  An Emergency Alert (EA) is a national telephone warning and alert system used to send voice messages to landline telephones and text messages to mobile phones within a defined spatial area about a likely disaster and/or emergency situation.

Our Civil Works team are continuing to work across the region on different projects including maintenance grading, repairs or resealing on: Rice Farm Road, Six Mile Road, McLeods Road, Cooper Gully Road, Stony Creek Road, Harpurs Hill Road, Ross Crossing, Rockmelon Lane, School Bus Road, Radio Station Road, Sawmill Access Road, Racecourse Road, Barulle Road, National Park Road, Highstone Road, Rifle Range Road, Cattle Creek Road, The Ridges Road, Washpool Road.

Please be mindful to drive carefully in these areas and follow signs and directions from workers – we want to keep everyone safe.

As part of the North Burnett Youth Week celebrations, Professor Stupendous will be returning to the region with School Holiday Workshops including exploding watermelons, awesome ozobots, marshmallow combat and more! These free events will run from April 6-12 around the region. Register at

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or your divisional councillor if you would like to address any concerns. Our contact details can be found on Council’s website

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