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North Burnett Celebrates 2021 Australia Day Award Recipients

Inspiring North Burnett residents were celebrated and congratulated at six award ceremonies held throughout the region today.

“We all are aware of the challenges 2020 threw at us all, with events cancelled, sports not happening and lots of families and businesses having to adjust to multiple changes. Yet, the nominations that we received proved that 2020 has served to only reinforce our resilience and allowed our compassion, care and community to shine, Mayor Rachel Chambers said.

“Today we celebrated some of the North Burnett’s most outstanding citizens and community groups. We recognised the extraordinary talent and acknowledged the valued contribution people have made to inspire and enrich the lives of others.”

“These awards showcase the contributions of our region’s many unsung heroes and it gives me great pleasure to announce the following 2021 Australia Day Award winners.”

Get to know the 2021 North Burnett Australia Day Award Recipients below!

2021 Biggenden Australia Day Award Recipients

Moira Thompson, Biggenden Citizen of the Year

Moira is highly involved in the Biggenden community. Over the years, she has been instrumental in the training the PCYC Emergency Service Cadets, is Secretary of the Biggenden Historical Society and Museum and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Moira has dedicated many hours to the growth and development of youth in the community and is often found helping Biggenden State School with their activities.

Moira volunteers her time in service to the community and has worked tirelessly throughout the years to make Biggenden a wonderful place to live. Moira’s sustained efforts to contribute to our community have been exemplary.

Timothy Geissler, Biggenden Young Citizen of the Year

Tim is a remarkable young man with a heart of gold and who has determination and drive to get things done. Tim’s dedication to his community shines through as he is always seen helping out around town and at community events. He has represented his school as Secondary School Caption and his community at wide bay cross country. Timmy is an exceptional young man with a bright future. Timmy is quiet yet humble achiever and has established himself as a young and emerging leader that has shown a genuine connection to community.

Bevan Wade, Biggenden Volunteer of the Year

Bevan has volunteered his time to various community groups and organisations over a number of years. These groups include Meals on Wheels, Biggenden Bowls Club, Biggenden Saleyards canteen and the Biggenden Show Society. To his credit, Bevan continues to regularly volunteer at the Biggenden Bowls Club and on cattle sale day, he is ready to start cooking at the saleyards come rain, hail or shine.

Bevan makes every effort to help and support his community. 2020 highlighted that we must all adapt and Bevan definitely stepped up to the challenge. Whether it was delivering meals, driving people to appointments, pouring guests a drink at the Bowls Club, or cooking your bacon and eggs at the saleyards.

Bevan is a highly valued volunteer in Biggenden and his passion for community and his dedication and commitment to helping others is inspirational.

Biggenden Historical Society – Wall of Fame and Pioneer Walk Grand Opening, Biggenden Community Event of the Year

The Biggenden Historical Society was instrumental in the development and design of the Biggenden Wall of Fame and Pioneer Walk Project. This project gave recognition to many of the early settlers who called this district their home. It will not only be a tourist attraction for the town but a valuable historical site for future generations.

The Wall of Fame and Pioneer Walk Grand Opening was help on 10 October 2020, with 200 people attending. Pioneer relatives travelled from all parts of Queensland to pay tribute to family, some of which settled in the district in the 1800s.

The Biggenden Historical society selflessly gave their time, creativity and generosity to the project. Their passion and enthusiasm in bringing this project to life and acknowledging our past and telling the stories of our Australian settlers should be commended.

Gail Ahlstrom, Biggenden Sports Administrator Award

Gail is a passionate and dedicated volunteer at the Biggenden Tennis club. Gail has devoted many hours over the past three years to keep the Biggenden tennis club going. She consistently goes above and beyond in service to the club and community and is the type of person who will always offer his support and assistance. Gail is a passionate and caring person and thanks to the sustained effort of Gail, the club will continue to go from strength to strength.

Benjamin Buczma, Biggenden Senior Sports Award

Ben is a passionate, driven sports person. Ben has represented his community over many years including School swimming, athletics, touch football and rugby league. His leadership on and off the field was rewarded this year, being named captain of the Across the Waves Rugby League Football team. Ben also volunteers his time to sport by coaching in the junior touch program and refereeing at social touch games.

Ben demonstrates qualities of a true sportsman and is driven by playing the sports he loves. Ben is willing to show the younger generation the trick of the trade without hesitation.

Sam Sipple, Biggenden Junior Sports Award

At only 9 years of age, Sam is a keen fisherman and a dedicated and motivated athlete in a variety of sports. He takes great pride in his town, school, sport and family. At such a young age, Sam shows great promise and plays rugby league at representative level, achieved aged champion at swimming club and school age champion in previous years. Sam also has won the junior encouragement award at little athletics.

Sam always gives 100% and shows great sportsmanship win or lose and his passion for sport inspires and encourages others.

Karen Edwards and Joanne Trigger, Biggenden Senior Cultural Award

Karen and Joanne have a profound love for art and have been a driving force in starting a community art group in Biggenden known as ‘Big in Art’.

Karen and Joanne have gone above and beyond to develop arts and culture in Biggenden and this is evident in the hours they devote to the success of the group including creating a Facebook page, organising workshop, offering transport to out of town workshops and providing support and encouragement to group members. Jo has even offered her own home as a venue for the group to meet.

Karen and Jo’s enthusiasm, dedication and positive attitude is amazing along with their passion to mentor and encourage group members. They are truly deserving of this award.

2021 Gayndah Australia Day Award Recipients

John Zahl – Gayndah Citizen of the Year and North Burnett Regional Citizen of the Year

John Zahl has been an outstanding member of the community, having dedicated more than 35 years of service to many clubs and businesses in Gayndah. We all know that John does not seek accolades or photo opportunities for his countless hours of contribution – he does it because he loves his home town and the people in it.

John is the type of person who will offer his support and assistance before you have the chance to ask for his support. His incredible leadership skills are inspiring to many.

The following are just some of the local organisations that have been lucky enough to John’s knowledge and guidance over the years including Gayndah Red Cross, Gayndah CW Association, Gayndah Jockey Club, Gayndah Senior Rugby League Club, Gayndah Development Association, Gayndah Girl Guides, Gayndah Friends of Bluecare, St Joseph’s Parish, St Matthew’s Anglican Church, Gayndah Men’s Shed, Central and Upper Burnett District Home for the Aged, Gayndah Museum, Rural Aid, Bendigo Bank Gayndah/Mundubbera and many others we are sure… John has worked tirelessly throughout the years to make Gayndah and the North Burnett Region a better, more socially cohesive place to live. He has the unique ability to lead and help people from all walks of life. John’s sustained efforts to contribute to our community have been exemplary.

Georgia Laidler, Gayndah Young Citizen of the Year and North Burnett Regional Young Citizen of the Year

Georgia has spent most of her young life being involved in community clubs and inspiring other young people. Georgia has never shied away from being involved, becoming a young leader or helping others reach their potential. She has been an active member of the Gayndah Girl Guides, the Gayndah Show Society and a valued member of the Gayndah Netball Association.

She has had more than her fair share of hurdles but has never let that stop her from reaching her goals and achieving. Everything Georgia has conquered was because of her determination and grit, while also helping her peers and mentoring others including the Girl Guides, Netball or at School. Georgia’s bubbly caring nature shines through. Our future is safe when there are young people like Georgia at the helm.

Russell Kemp, Gayndah Volunteer of the Year

Russell has shown over several decades that he is a true and loyal servant of the Gayndah community. Russell carries out all of his duties as Deputy Principal, volunteer ambulance officer and local volunteer with the highest standard of integrity and friendship. He has also devoted time to the Burnett Inland Rail Trail helping to clear vegetation and assist in the construction of the walkways now used by walkers and cyclists.

Gayndah Jockey Club – October 2020 Race Meet, Gayndah Community Event of the Year

The October 2020 Race Meet that was held by the Gayndah Jockey Club was instrumental in bringing the community together during a time of drought and after a long period of social isolation due to COVID restrictions. The event attracted race goers from various regions in Queensland not only endorsing the popularity of this event but also shows Gayndah is a popular destination to cater for the influx of visitors to our town.

The recent renovations to the club and the club’s efforts to decorate the space in a spring theme gave a welcomed splash of colour and elegance to a dry and dusty landscape. Approximately 600 race goers attended the event which was a huge undertaking for the club to manage while still being compliant with Queensland Racings COVID Plan. There were many compliments on hosting such a successful event that had such a positive atmosphere.

Leroy Brown, Gayndah Senior Sports Award

Leroy is a passionate, driven sportsperson. Leroy has played Rugby League for Gayndah as a junior from 2016 to 2018 and has progressed to a senior in 2019 for the Gayndah Gladiators. In 2019, Leroy received numerous Rugby League awards including the Lyn Kell’s Memorial Trophy for volunteering and helping out; the Central and North Burnett Rookie of the Year and also Gayndah Gladiators Rookie of the year. Leroy has also been active in the on the Local Rodeo Scene during 2020.

Abbey Wilkinson, Gayndah Junior Sports Award

Abbey is a quiet achiever and is a positive role model to the athletes. At Gayndah Little Athletics, Abbey has assisted with coaching, field set up, working bees and in the canteen. Although competitions were cancelled during 2020, Abbey still worked and trained hard to improve her personal bests. She is now in her final year of Little Athletics and has been an inspirational mentor to the younger athletes. Abbey is a worthy recipient of this award as she epitomises the values of Little Athletics to “Be your best” with a focus on participation and personal improvement.

Rachel Koster, Gayndah Senior Cultural Award

Rachel Koster is an Australian Singer/ Song Writer, visual artist and Contract Arts Worker, who call’s Gayndah home. Rachel has worked on art project in conjunction with the North Burnett Regional Council, the Gayndah Choir, Gayndah Art Gallery, Gayndah Kindergarten and Gayndah Primary and Secondary Schools, plus other schools in the North Burnett Region. Rachel goes above and beyond to develop arts and culture in the region and innovative programs. Her dedication and passion is unwavering and she often provides numerous hours of work at her own cost.

Lauren Trott, Gayndah Junior Cultural Award

Lauren Trott is a wonderful example of passion driving work ethic. From her first dance lesson onward, Lauren has shown a great talent to be a wonderful dancer. Over the years, Lauren has worked tirelessly at dance (we know Acrobatics to be her favourite) and she has never complained about having to work harder in certain genres.

Lauren has more recently moved into student teaching and has already shown natural talent as a teacher. In the past two years Lauren has undertaken training with Acrobatic Arts, International Dance Technique and is fast-tracking her DanceStep Program to complete her student teacher training early. According to her peers, Lauren is a kind, generous and natural leader. Her unwavering commitment to help her students is inspirational.

Lauren has shown a passion for community and is always willing to participate and help facilitate community events, Eisteddfods and End of Year Showcases.

2021 Mundubbera Australia Day Award Recipients

Faye Whelan, Mundubbera Citizen of the Year

Regardless of where one travels in the Central and North Burnett, the name of Faye Whelan is well known and for a good reason – she is a doer! Whether it be in council circles, racing, rugby league, the arts, cricket, business or community development, Faye has not only been involved, she has led by example.

She has applied herself to unfamiliar and challenging endeavours and succeeded. Faye has been an instrumental leader in the Mundubbera community through the good times and the challenges. She has lifted the community spirit by example, and possibly through the toughest years in the community’s history. She is a champion by any standard.

Faye has worked tirelessly throughout the years to make Mundubbera and the North Burnett a better place to live. Faye’s sustained efforts to contribute to our community have been exemplary.

Lily Carlyon, Mundubbera Young Citizen of the Year

At a young age, Lily began actively volunteering within our community at both the North Burnett Community Service & the Mundubbera Library. The dedication and willingness she gave to both of these organizations was highly valued & appreciated and has led to the offer of a paid position at NBCS. In a short time she has been instrumental in ensuring Lily’s Bingo is no longer adhoc but is conducted by herself at the community centre monthly.

What really makes Lily special is that she focuses on what she can do rather than what she can’t. She shows others that though you might have to approach things differently you can still achieve great things and make a positive difference. Our future is safe when there are young people like Lily at the helm.

Judith Butler, Mundubbera Volunteer of the Year and North Burnett Regional Volunteer of the Year

Judith is a very active member of the Mundubbera community. She always greets people with a smile, I have never seen her any different. Surprisingly she loves to have a chat and is a great ambassador for our town having lived in the North Burnett most of her life.
She is actively involved in her church including teaching Religious instruction at Mundubbera State School for over 15 years and volunteering at the hospital service. Her role as caretaker at the Mundubbera showgrounds, something she has done for many years, gives her the opportunity, in which she relishes, to promote our most amazing region to tourists. Such is her way she delights in keeping office staff at the show adequately fed with her culinary delights in the week leading up to the show. Judith also volunteers her time at the Bowls club and Australia Day events.
She represents our community perfectly going above and beyond in all of her pursuits and her reputation as a dedicated and committed volunteer is inspiring to many.

Central Burnett Landcare – Burnett Christmas Pop Up Shop, Mundubbera Community Event of the Year

The Burnett Christmas Pop Up Shop has had substantial social and economic impacts on the people of Mundubbera and the broader North Burnett community. Originally started by Central Burnett Landcare, the Christmas pop up shop has had resounding success in a short period of time.
2019 was a tough year for many due to the ongoing dry conditions and this was an opportunity to bring the community together while supporting small local businesses. It was an inclusive event that welcomed locals and visitors alike. In 2019, during the 11 day trading period, over $50,000 dollars of locally supplied items were sold ranging from homemade jewellery, treats, leather goods, crafts, clothing. The 2020 event has been just as successful going from 33 exhibitors in 2019 to 59 and raking in more than $58,000 dollars in the first four days of trading alone.

Lisa Whelan, Mundubbera Sports Administrator Award

Lisa has contributed many hours to the children of Mundubbera through her school commitments with athletics, cross country and swimming. Lisa is the type of person that is willing to support anyone that needs assistance, guidance and encouragement with their sporting goals. Outside of Lisa’s duties as a teacher she’s been part of the Archer Park Advisory Committee, senior and junior netball, senior and junior cricket, swimming club and blue light disco.

Marge Linsket, Mundubbera Senior Sports Award

Marge has contributed above and beyond what is necessary both to the game of bowls and to the Mundubbera Bowls Club. She is involved in all aspects of running the club and has helped keep the club running at a time when many were closing. Marge has mentored novice bowlers and will partner them in competitions so that they are able to obtain invaluable experience while encouraging their interest in the sport. She’s an accomplished bowler herself and has represented at zone and district championships.

Chelsey Larner, Mundubbera Junior Sports Awards

Chelsey is a very talented and skilled athlete in a number of different sports. She has reached state level in athletics for the track and field 100m sprint, 100m relay, hammer throw, shot put and discus. Chelsey is a wide by representative in the AFLW and NRLW and competed at state level, representing her community at the State Cup Touch Football Carnival. She is also involved in sports locally including touch, NRL and is an accomplished horsewoman.

Chelsey’s passion, dedication, determination and outstanding sportsmanship is inspirational, and she is a positive role model for her peers. Chelsey is a high performing sportswomen with skills beyond her years.

Sue Lederhose, Mundubbera Senior Cultural Award

Sue has demonstrated a tireless commitment to the visual arts for the past 18 years. She has achieved recognition and accolades from her peers within the North Burnett and around Australia.
Sue is generous with her time in teaching and sharing her passion. She’s an inspiration showing what a mature woman from a small rural town isolated from any formal training can achieve.

Matilda Weier, Mundubbera Junior Cultural Award

Matilda is a friendly, helpful, and dedicated student. Matilda has not only worked hard at her own dance and acrobatic skills but has also taken on a student-teacher role in both Mundubbera and Gayndah. She selflessly gives her own time to help others achieve their goals and is an inspirational role model to her peers.

2021 Eidsvold Australia Day Award Recipients

John and Jan Mossman, Eidsvold Citizen of the Year

John and Jan are long serving members of the Eidsvold Community, involved in a vast number of organisations. They are quiet achievers and are always happy to help and to give of themselves and pass on knowledge. John and Jan are inspirational to many in their community; their service, integrity, stamina, commitment and dependability is an inspiration to those around them.

Lucy Hedger, Eidsvold Volunteer of the Year

Lucy is a hardworking quiet achiever. She is a valued member of the Eidsvold Hospital Auxiliary and QCWA, helping out at and supporting the Eidsvold Community. She has passion for volunteering and will assist with any endeavour necessary for the betterment of the community. Lucy’s reputation as a dedicated and committed volunteer is inspiring to many.

Eidsvold Kindergarten – Carwash and Dog Hydrobath Fundraiser, Eidsvold Community Event of the Year

In an effort to raise funds for the Kindergarten, the Eidsvold Kindergarten held an innovative carwash and dog hydrobath fundraiser event in 2020. There was a great show of community spirit with the volunteers and community members turning up in droves to have their car and dogs washed.
It was great to see younger members of our community volunteering and being motivated to host an outstanding community event. Their thought and initiative to hold a fundraising event that was innovative and different was well attended and appreciated.

Tameesha Pope, Eidsvold Junior Sports Award

A dedicated and motivated athlete, Tameesha has made it to state level in School softball and trains every morning and afternoon for swimming. Tameesha is a leader on and off the field and encourages her team mates and younger children without hesitation.

Marshall Langston, Eidsvold Senior Cultural Award

Marshall has been an active member of the Eidsvold Community and is well known for his leather work. Marshall is an active member in the community; teaching his skills to people of all ages; locals and visitors to Eidsvold. Marshall volunteers his time on a regular basis at the RM centre to show and teach his leather craftmanship. He is passionate about passing on his skills to others including the younger generation.

Bush Kids Association, Eidsvold Junior Cultural Award

There are many different ways of celebrating culture; growing up in rural Australia is a culture all by itself. The Bush kids regularly meet to build cubby houses, ride horses, dance, sing, look after animals and enjoy nature. The bush kids have shown great community spirit by making bookmarks and selling these to raise money for the group and charities and being part of local community events. These young people are the future leaders of the Eidsvold Community; innovative and motivated group work in a positive manner within the community.

2021 Mt Perry Australia Day Award Recipients

Nigel French, Mt Perry Citizen of the Year

Nigel is highly involved in the Mt Perry community, and has been for many years, in many different clubs and organisations. Nigel has been the chairman of the local hospital focus group (now CRG – Community Reference Group) keeping health issues for Mt Perry at the forefront of the Wide Bay Health Service. He was the inaugural President of the Mt Perry Mens’ Shed, part of the Mt Perry Community Development Board and team leader for the Melbourne Tram restoration project, something that will become another attraction for Mt Perry. Nigel has been instrumental in obtaining grants for various projects and setting up the Mt Perry Men’s shed.

Nigel has worked tirelessly throughout the years to make Mt Perry a better place to live. He has the unique ability to lead and his sustained efforts to contribute to the Mt Perry community has been exemplary.

Casey Cleary, Mt Perry Junior Citizen of the Year

Casey is a remarkable young lady who has dedicated many hours to the Gin Gin High School community, as well as the broader Mt Perry community. This year, Casey received the Gin Gin High School Charity Encouragement Award for Community Service and the Mayors Medal. Casey volunteers her time at various community events, being a steward at the Mt Perry Show, helping out in the show office, canteen and the set up and clean up at the show, waitressing at the Show Ball, Art Gallery Exhibition and chaplaincy dinner. Casey has also assisted in the set up and running of Mt Perry P and C bingo for a number of years.

Casey’s is an inspirational role model and her dedication and passion for community is truly outstanding.

David Rofe, Mt Perry Volunteer of the Year

David has always had a heart to help others and his community. He is an active member of the Rural Fire Brigade (volunteer fire fighter and Chairman), active member of the Mt Perry SES Group and recently made Group Leader and secretary of the Mt Perry RSL Sub Branch, organising ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day services. David has also established a refundable container for change donation point, which is a fundraiser for the local RSL. He is also on call to help assist community with relocation of wayward snakes. He believes that being involved in community service is essential for community resilience – it is all about helping others.

Karen Betts, Mt Perry Volunteer of the Year

Karen has volunteered her time over many years, committing to a number of various community groups and organisations, some of which are P&C Secretary, Heart Foundation walk organiser, life member and current secretary of the Art Group, Show Society, CWA, community events and volunteer coordinator for Mt Perry Community Services Bus. Karen was also instrumental in steering the Mt Perry Community Services through a change to Ozcare. Karen has been a leader in her field, is always putting up her hand to help at community events and promotes Mt Perry to all. Her dedication and willingness to be involved is to be commended.

Mt Perry Car and Bike Club – Mt Perry Car and Bike Show, Mt Perry Community Event of the Year

The Mt Perry Car and Bike Club has only been established for 2 ½ years. The club has a membership of 24 and has developed from the interest of just a few members to a dynamic and successful club. Last year’s event was only the second time the event was held with the number of entrants more than doubling from the previous year. The event may have even been bigger considering COVID restrictions were in place. The event attracted exhibitors and visitors to the event, both locally and from outside communities and will continue to be calendar event for the Mt Perry community.

Irene Duda, Mt Perry Sports Administrator Award

Irene has been a member of the Mt Perry Sport and Recreation Club for more than 10 years. She has held numerous positions including president and a member of the management committee. Irene has been pivotal in driving improvements to the Gym and exercise area including painting, securing new equipment, new lights, fans and air conditioning. Irene’s leadership through COVID was outstanding by keeping community up to date with emails, signs and posters.
Irene as part of the Sport and Rec committee together with Cr John Bowen brought to reality the skate park for Mt Perry youth. Recently, Irene has established a community garden called “Friends of the Gardens” and is responsible for organising rosters for watering, soil, mowing and maintenance.

Graham Cowen, Mt Perry Senior Sport Award

Graham has been a long time member of the Mt Perry Golf Club and has been the Club Champion many times over those years. This year Graham was the winner of the B Grade Division of the Wide Bay Sand Green Championships, competing against players from clubs around the Wide Bay Region. Graham’s passion for golf is inspiring and encourages others to join the sport.

Zara Allen, Mt Perry Junior Sports Award

Zara is a very talented and skilled athlete. With skills and experience in a number of different disciplines from football to Jazz, Tap, contemporary and Hip Hop dance. Zara referees NRL and League Tag Touch Football and referees and plays Touch football for Gin Gin and the High School. She has been rewarded for her determination and sportsmanship by receiving the 2020 Most Valuable Player award. Zara is a leader on and off the field and is mentoring young and up-coming referees.

Patricia Klaassen, Senior Cultural Award

Patty has been a long standing member of the Mt Perry Community, growing up at Boolboonda. Patty is multi-talented artisan across many mediums and loves to teach and to share her knowledge.
Patty has played a pivotal role in developing the arts and culture in the community. She has been a member of the Mt Perry Art Group since 1988 and has been awarded Life Membership for her contributions. She coordinates the Art Gallery and events for Mt Perry including annual exhibitions. Patty has been instrumental in securing RADF funding to hold workshops for local artists to learn new skills and crafts. Patty is a true asset to the Mt Perry community and very deserving of this award.

2021 Monto Australia Day Award Recipients

Robert and Colleen Kerr, Monto Citizen of the Year

Robert and Colleen are highly involved in the Monto community, and have been for many years, in various clubs and organisations. Over the years they have dedicated their time to Driver Reviver, Meals on Wheels, Monto Bowls Club, Indoor Bowls at the Mungungo Hall and the Ridgehaven Retirement Complex.

Robert and Collen’s passion for the residents in Ridgehaven is second to none. When Robert and Colleen visit Ridgehaven, residents are over the moon and they can’t wait for the next time the duo will stop by. They have been instrumental in fundraising for the complex and help organise events for residents including the Melbourne Cup Lunch and indoor bowls. You will also find Colleen selling raffle tickets on a hot summer’s day, donating the beautiful handmade cushions that she has made and the woodwork that Bob has created. The work they perform within our community speaks volumes about their leadership, commitment, passion, enthusiasm and dedication. Their passion for our community shines through and their genuine care and warmth for people is inspiring.

Emma Low, Monto Young Citizen of the Year

Emma is a remarkable young lady and since 2019 has stepped forward to coordinate the Monto Markets, which were at risk of closing. Emma has showed innovation by bringing fresh ideas to the way the markets are organised every month, which have grown and are greatly supported by the community. Emma has established herself as a young and emerging leader that has shown a genuine passion and connection to her community. Emma is a positive role model for youth and her dedication, passion and drive for change in the Monto community is truly outstanding.

Ron Mientjes, Monto Volunteer of the Year

Since Ron’s retirement from the Police Force, Ron has volunteered his time to various community groups and organisations, some of which are the Deputy Group Leader for Monto SES, the President of the Monto Hospital Auxiliary, a proud member of the Monto Bunyip Club and a member of the Monto Men’s Shed. In Ron’s spare time, you can find him immersing himself in another passion – photography. This year, Ron created a calendar of the murals which is being sold with profits going to charity.

Ron has incredible leadership skills and inspires others through his team spirit, passion, empathy, dedication and creativity. Ron makes every effort to help his community in their time of need and his dedication and willingness is to be commended.

Monto Magic Tourism Action Group and The Rex – 10 Towns Makeover, Monto Community Event of the Year

Monto Magic Tourism Action Group and The Rex together collaborated on the Ten Town Makeover project, funded by Rural Aid. Through their leadership, community members and groups united to co-create a compelling application, which was ultimately successful. This partnership was the start of something truly special for the Monto community.

The Ten Town Makeover project included Peter Kenyon hosting workshops in our community to co-create a plan for the future as well as a town makeover. The town makeover resulted in over 50 enthusiastic volunteers ascending on Monto to help the community improve the aesthetics of laneways, buildings and public spaces. Monto Magic and The Rex have demonstrated inspirational leadership, were instrumental in creating a shared community vision and a more socially cohesive place to live now and for future generations.

Georgina Kelly, Scott Brady and Adam Wells, Monto Sports Administrator Award

Since 2019, Georgina, Scott and Adam have worked tirelessly to bring Junior Cricket back to the Monto community, after a 6 year break. They have been able to secure grant funds to get the program back up and running and not even COVID could stop them in 2020 with their season still going ahead. The revival of cricket in Monto has enabled children and their parents to enjoy the sport and play locally to develop their cricket skills, sportsmanship and team spirit. The extraordinary effort that Georgina, Scott and Adam have contributed has not gone unnoticed with the Club receiving the ‘Club of the Year’ award by Queensland Cricket. Their passion for the game, hard work and dedication has uplifted the community and is truly inspirational.

Monto Netball Association, Monto Senior Sports Award

For the past seven years, the Monto Netball Association have held a mixed night fixtures netball competition which is fun, inclusive and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The 2020 season, though, was one like no other, COVID caused the Club to abandon play after only three rounds of the competition. Once COVID restrictions started to ease across the state, through the hard work and determination of the committee, the night fixtures competition was able to resume play under strict guidelines. Although a range of measures had to be put in place and restrictions on players, the support for the club and competition was overwhelming. Over 90 players recommenced the competition, including Junior players, making it one of the most successful years even in adversity. The community support and spirit along with the dedication of the committee was truly outstanding and inspirational.

Lizzie Younger, Monto Junior Sports Award and North Burnett Regional Sports Award

Lizzie is a very talented and skilled athlete in a number of different sports. From Little Athletics to volleyball, Lizzie has represented local, state and national teams. Lizzie plays all sports with passion and determination, while displaying outstanding sportsmanship, positive energy and inspiring others to reach their goals.

Lizzie did not let COVID-19 dampen her training, dedication or achievement and she was still able to achieve 16 broken records at her Club, Regional Championships, school track and field and 4 gold medals at the LAQ National Cross Country. Furthermore, Lizzie was awarded the Australia Olympic Game Changer Award in recognition of her ‘Olympic Spirit’ through leadership and driving positive change in her community. Lizzie is a high performing sportswomen with skills beyond her years.

Monto Magic Tourism Action Group, Monto Senior Cultural Award and North Burnett Regional Cultural Award

Monto Magic Tourism Action Group has contributed greatly towards the Monto Community since being established over 28 years ago. The current executive team have worked tirelessly over recent years to bring a variety of projects to life in particular, the Monto Art Trail. This includes the amazing Three Moon Grain Silo mural, the water tower mural and the Newton Street Artway murals. What is astounding is there is still more to come.

Monto Magic Tourism Action Group has selflessly given their time, creativity and generosity to ensure that locals and visitors alike enjoy spending time in our magical community. Their work has been instrumental in bringing a buzz back to our beautiful town and will continue to have a significant impact on the Monto community for years to come.

Oliver Pailthorpe, Monto Junior Cultural Award

Oliver Pailthorpe is a young person who has a deep passion for the dairy industry. In term 3 of School, with his effort throughout the pandemic, Oliver participated in the online ‘Cows Create Careers Program’ by Dairy Australia, which allows students to explore the diversity of careers in the dairy industry and learn about the environment, technology and farm equipment.

Due to COVID, this program, normally run in person, pivoted to a virtual delivery model. Oliver was the only student across the state who completed the program 100% online with other participants completing the program at School in groups of 3 or 4. With Oliver’s passion and determination, he completed tasks in a team of one and placed third in the tasks challenges. At the young age of 11, Oliver’s passion for the industry shines through and encourages others to learn about the industry and varied career opportunities.

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