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Potentially Hazardous Food

Jun 15, 2018 | Front Page Feature, News

Did you know that potentially hazardous foods are foods that must be kept at 5°C or colder or at 60°C or hotter, to minimise the growth of food poisoning bacteria that may be in the food, or to stop the formation of toxins.

Examples of potentially hazardous foods include:

  • raw and cooked meat, or foods containing meat such as casseroles, curries and lasagne
  • dairy products such as milk, custard and dairy-based desserts
  • seafood (excluding live seafood)
  • processed or cut fruits and vegetables, such as salads
  • cooked rice and pasta
  • foods containing egg, beans, nuts or other
  • protein-rich food such as quiche and soy products
  • foods containing raw eggs such as mayonnaise, aioli and hollandaise
  • foods that contain any of the above foods including sandwiches and rolls.

You can down load a factsheet from the Queensland Government Publications website.

For further information regarding food safety see the Queensland Health website or for food licencing information please see Council’s website, contact Council’s Environmental Services staff on 1300 696 272 (1300 MY NBRC), or email Council.