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Stronger together

Mayor’s Desk – 9 February 2017

People have often asked me if I have a favourite town, and are bewildered, if not even a little distrusting, when I tell them I don’t. Yet it is the truth. I was trying to explain to someone the other day how I see the region and now I will try to explain it to you. Each town (and surrounds) is a gem, a small diamond if you will. It has beauty, rich and unique history, capable, passionate and resilient community members and has written, and will continue to write, its own story. However, when I see all those small diamonds together, the region shines brightly.

This week I had the pleasure of being in the first ever meeting of our newly formed parks and gardens crew (we have a dedicated parks and gardens team now but that’s a story for another time). Some of these people had never met each other, yet had been working for council for a long period of time. Within the first hour there were suggestions of how we could work together, regionally, for an even better outcome. What if the whole crew hit each town together, as a team? What could be achieved? It is this type of lateral thinking that I applaud and always encourage. Yes, we are six main townships who have their own histories and futures however together, we are one dynamic region who is capable of anything we put our mind to. Whilst I’m your mayor I will continue to look after you all as it is our diversity which gives us strength. Alone we are strong, but together we are even stronger.