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Following completion of our recent community consultation activity, we would like to extend a sincere thanks to those that participated or otherwise took the time to review the draft documents. Feedback received regarding the draft community consultation and engagement policy and the related framework, was invaluable in shaping our approach to community engagement. We received many suggestions from the community, including simplification of some sections of the policy, explicit reference to Council Officers’ conduct during engagement, and adjustments to engagement activities to include more non-digital methods of communication.

In response, we have made several amendments to our policy and framework that will ultimately lead to better outcomes for the community. For example, we have improved the readability of our policy objectives and the “Informative” principle. We have also included additional notes in the “Inclusive” principle to ensure further consideration is given to non-digital methods of communication and regular reminders are provided throughout engagement undertakings. Additionally, we have included more non-digital engagement methods on our community engagement matrix.

We appreciate and acknowledge all feedback received. We are pleased to advise that the final versions of the Community Consultation and Engagement Policy, as well as the related Community Engagement Framework, were endorsed by Council at their March General Meeting held on 22 March 2023. The final documents, along with the community engagement outcome report, can be viewed below. We believe that these documents reflect a more inclusive, responsive, and effective approach to community engagement, while also having regard to industry best practice and the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Engagement Model.

Please find the Engagement Outcome Report here, the final Community Consultation and Engagement Policy here and the final Community Engagement Framework here.

Once again, we thank all participants for your valuable contribution to our community engagement policy and framework. We look forward to continuing to work with you on engagement matters in the future.

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