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Council is progressing in identifying and repairing the destruction left by ExTC Seth during the early hours of Saturday, 8 January 2022.

Civil works crews have assessed and identified 455km of emergent works required throughout the Biggenden area. Extra crews have been deployed to complete emergent works, with contractors being engaged when required.

Residents will begin to see repairs taking place over the next three months. You can view the Future Works Program, which includes emergent works on Council’s website

In addition to road repairs, Council has worked with volunteers and recovery personnel to ensure that affected Dallarnil residents have had access to waste disposal.

As residents progress with their clean-ups, Council will remove the skip bins located on Main Street, Dallarnil. Affected residents can continue to dispose of bulk waste associated with the floods free of charge at the Biggenden Waste Management Facility.
Directly after the event, a temporary waste stockpile was created on Old Coach Road. Removal of this flood waste was completed on Thursday, 3 February 2022.

This stockpile was never to be a permanent fixture; however, due to the grounds at the Waste Management Facility being too wet to access in the days after the flooding, Council temporarily deposited flood waste at a gravel pit on Old Coach Road.
Keeping the flood waste offsite has allowed Council’s Environmental team to measure the amount of waste generated; this is data we can provide to the State Government to assist in recouping costs incurred.

Council has collated a range of information for residents and property owners affected by exTC Seth, including details about Blazeaid. You can find information here: