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“Council invites community feedback related to the reviewed Wandering Livestock Policy. The purpose of the consultation process is to develop a policy that clearly outlines the responsibilities of livestock owners in relation to wandering livestock, as well as the scope of North Burnett Regional Council’s obligations. This includes the obligations of landowners and Council pursuant to the Stock Route Management Act 2002 and Council’s Local Laws”, said Mayor Les Hotz.  

“The policy confirms that livestock owners remain responsible and liable at all times for any damage or injury to property or persons resulting from livestock wandering on public or private lands. In addition, it is the livestock owner’s responsibility for effective livestock management at all times, including provision and maintenance of all enclosures and obtaining permits for livestock movement”, the Mayor explained.

The Wandering Livestock Policy applies to any livestock found wandering on Council Controlled Land and/or private property without approval, within the North Burnett Council region.  Livestock includes cattle, horses, goats, sheep, pigs or any other animal used for agricultural purposes.

This revised policy responds to ongoing challenges for councils to satisfy their responsibilities under Queensland Government legislation and delivering services within their financial means. The management and impoundment costs of livestock are significant costs to councils, as are the risks to the public resulting from wandering stock, particularly on roads.

“I encourage all community members to read this revised policy and offer feedback by 23 December 2022. The policy will play a critical role, ensuring a transparent and consistent approach towards addressing wandering livestock.  The policy will also provide certainty in relation to the responsibilities of both Council and livestock owners”. 

You can read the reviewed Wandering Livestock Policy here.

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