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North Burnett Regional Council Interactive Mapping

North Burnett Mapping provides easy access to local maps. You can build your own map of your property or look up community services in your area. Some of the key layers to check include:

  • zones (accessed via ‘Town Planning Scheme’, then ‘Zone Map’
  • overlays such as ‘Infrastructure Overlay’, ‘Extractive Resources Overlay’ and ‘Flood Hazard Overlay’
  • Heritage register; and,
  • Historic lots.

Queensland Globe

Queensland Globe is an online interactive tool that turns physical, geographical and spatial data about a location into map format. Use the Globe to access hundreds of spatial data layers on Queensland roads, property and land parcels, topography, mining and exploration, land valuations, natural resources (vegetation, water, soil etc) and more.

SARA Mapping

The Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning provides mapping that spatially represents matters of state interest in the planning system through two GIS (Geographic Information Systems) platforms: the State Planning Policy Interactive Mapping System (SPP IMS), which is a standalone mapping system, and the Development Assessment Mapping System (DAMS), which incorporates mapping used for a number of different functions in development assessment.