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Why have a planning scheme?

The North Burnett Regional Council is formed from a number of smaller communities with a strong connection to their rural background which band together to support one another. Each of our communities are proud of their heritage and strongly support the sustainable development of the region along with promoting a safe and friendly atmosphere that maintains a healthy country lifestyle. It is important that good planning is in place to manage growth and change so that the important qualities that make the North Burnett special are maintained and enhanced. 

In seeking to achieve this purpose, the North Burnett Regional Planning Scheme’s strategic framework sets out the policy direction for future development for the North Burnett region. The strategic framework as detailed in Part 3 of the planning scheme has five themes that work together for the purpose of articulating the policy direction, these being-
    (i)  Natural Environments and Sustainability;
    (ii) Strong Rural Economy and Futures;
    (iii) Community Strength and Wellbeing;
    (iv) Settlement Pattern; and
    (v)  Infrastructure, Services and Facilities;
The strategic framework continues to develop this policy direction through element(s) which refine and describe the strategic outcome(s), what outcomes are sought for each or a number of elements; and the land use strategies for achieving these outcomes. Although each theme has its own section, the strategic framework is to be read in its entirety as the policy direction for the planning scheme.